reprinted from a Sorenson Media press release: Sorenson Media Announces Release of Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2.0 New Version of Squeeze HD XCEL Hardware Solution Includes H.264/AVC Encoding SALT LAKE CITY (March 5, 2007) Sorenson Media, the worldwide leader for video encoding and compression applications for digital video professionals and enthusiasts, today announced the immediate availability of Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2.0, an enhanced PCI-X-based and PCI-E-based accelerator platform/plug-in board based on Sorenson Media's industry-leading encoding and compression software technology. Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL uses more than 16,000 parallel computing elements to significantly accelerate key encoding tasks, such as motion estimation and image transforms. Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL works effectively in concert with video capture cards from multiple vendors to provide effective capture and encoding in a single solution. The Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2.0 PCI-E based 2500 card model includes the H.264 /Advanced Video Coding (AVC) codec as well as MPEG2, and offers real-time MPEG2 encoding and greatly accelerated H.264/AVC encoding. In addition, the card is resolution independent, offering significant speedup to standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) formats. The Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2.0 card also incorporates all features of the Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite PowerPack, including batch mode encoding, multiple format support, Web video output, watch folders, command line control and more.' "We are excited about the release of Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2.0, which includes the flexibility of the Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite PowerPack turbocharged with hardware-driven acceleration, said Matt Cupal, president & COO of Sorenson Media. "With the long-awaited addition of H..264/AVC, we're offering the highest quality, fastest-encoding and easiest-to-use H.264 and MPEG tool in the market, designed for users who need optimal encoding speed and processing power. Pricing and Availability The Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2500 PCI-E accelerator card is priced at $6,495, and is currently available through a variety of dealers worldwide. Other configurations are also available. For more information or to purchase Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2.0 accelerator cards, call 1.888.767.3676 or visit