JVC GZ-HD7 details emerge in Japan

In preparation for the HD7's release in Japan, JVC has revealed more details about their ground-breaking high-definition Everio camcorder. Here are some of the highlights: -Industry's first high-quality full HD 3-CCD camera, using 16:9 progressive scan CCDs with pixel shift technology -JVC's "HD Gigabrid" video engine processes in full 1920×1080 progressive video, improves noise-reduction and also improves vertical scan resolution by approximately 30% -HD recorded material is down-converted from MPEG2 to DV format (when going to a standard def source) and signals are compatible with HDV over i.LINK -Optional ShareStation (CU-VD40) connects via USB 2.0 and can create HD data discs to archive footage. Burner can record approximately 40 minutes in full HD on a 8.5 GB two-layer DVD-R disc.

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