Yahoo You Witness News

We just got pinged from an ol' colleague of ours (thanks Morgan) regarding the new Yahoo You Witness News Beta. This is a new section to Yahoo News that allows users to upload videos and photos that could be considered for articles and features as part of Yahoo News content. All you need is a Yahoo ID and a photo or video of something news worthy to get started. In light of the recent execution of Saddam Hussein and the cell phone video that followed, one can imagine that Yahoo You Witness News could be a rather interesting site and a great way to let just about anyone participate in news gathering. Furthermore, by submitting your photo and video, you allow not only Yahoo, but also other Yahoo registered users non-exclusive rights to access, distribute and display your footage without any monetary exchange. This certainly is a missed opportunity for your wallet in the case of highly exclusive news footage (as in the scenario mentioned above). But, we're very interested to see how this new service will play out for the little guy and the entire video cell phone-toting people of this world.