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Episode #47 is the first with our new design, set and techniques, and we hope you enjoy the new look. Please send us your comments at and write "Vidcast Redesign in the subject line. In this Episode: record date 1/4/07: Video Bits & Bytes: Industry news with Mark and video-sharing news with Derek. Mark tells you about the latest news from Adobe and its Production Suite that is available on Intel Macs. We also have news on Divergent Media entering the video monitoring game with ScopeBox and a new launch by Yahoo: You Witness News Beta service, plus LG plans a dual Blu-ray/HD-DVD compatible HDTV display. URLs for this week's Video News segment are:

Derek tells us about some video-sharing sites, including CynIn, ["sign in"] a Software that is a service provider of data and content management, Viddler, a video sharing site that lets you make comments in context and tag videos on their time line, and, spinXpress 2, a beta offering that allows you the ability to share media on your computer with groups and keeps the sharing secure and on your machine. Great for small divergent work groups and family sharing. URLs for this week's video sharing segment are: Tips & Tricks: Jennifer and John go out on location to create some of the in-camera tricks in the "7 Super Cool Camera FX" story from the February 2007 Basic Training article. We experimented with making a sunny day look rainy, a studio look like a fire-lit setting, and how to subtly create some "camera shake" moves that are more realistic than 1960s era Sci-Fi TV shows. The February issue will be on sale January 16. Take 20: Mark and Charlie discuss Camp Cadets by Jonathan Harchick, a well-produced video for drumming up donations for the volunteer-driven Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) Camp Cadet program. This program has been produced by the State Police of Pennsylvania since 1970. [link removed – no longer active] Hands On: Hands-On: Mark discusses Synk Audio's MusicBed DV, an inexpensive but powerful program for the Mac that offers a new approach to music creation. You can subscribe to Videomaker Presents via iTunes, FireANT and other podcast/vidcast aggregators, or you can add to your RSS receiver of choice.

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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