inDplay Beta launch

There's a new site out there that's hooking up independent content creators with content buyers called inDplay. If you've got a short film, documentary, TV movie, feature film or any other video that you hold the rights to, inDplay wants to help you sell it. They hope to find buyers from a variety platforms, including home video/DVD, cable/TV, mobile/handheld, and Internet/VOD distribution channels for your content. The inDplay website will list your content for free. When a buyer contacts you as an interested party, inDplay allows the buyer and creator to work out the contract using their infrastructure. When a deal is struck everybody is happy and inDplay takes their middle man share (currently at 9% of "all amounts payable by Buyer to Seller pursuant to a Transaction and as the Seller." See their membership agreement for full details). Well, that's quite a big chunk, but considering all the marketing and footwork you have to do if you're not well connected in these industry circles, it might be well worth it. Nonetheless, inDplay is great one stop shop for the independent content creator and marks the first of its kind.