Red Giant Software, maker of Magic Bullet and Knoll Light Factory, announces today that they're partnering with Trapcode, a visual effects plug-in developer. This is a very interesting partnership, uniting a very strong product line with Red Giant's sales, support and marketing departments now taking over for Trapcode. Red Giant plans to offer Trapcode's Adobe After Effects plug-ins to more applications (e.g., Apple Final Cut, Avid AVX). This is exciting news for visual artists working outside of After Effects, but we have to wonder who's creating visual effects in Final Cut, anyway? UPDATE: We spoke with Red Giant's press representative, who reinterated how the partnership was a great fit, especially for Trapcode, which is basically a one man show. Having this partnership will allow Trapcode's Peder Norrby to continue on focusing on development of new products and will also mean products will become available in box, rather than download only. Meanwhile, one of the first things Red Giant will address is changing Trapcode's plug-in's to accomodate floating points. It looks like a win-win-win situation for Red Giant, Trapcode and the end users.