Canon XH A1 and XH G1 Kick-Off Event

Canon USA threw out everything but the red carpet for a kick-off event ushering in their new XH-A1 and XH-G1 prosumer camcorders. Hosting in NYC over 20 editors and critics in the industry, Canon had an all-out effort to put their best foot forward. We took away a lot of valuable knowledge from the even and were impressed with these two new camcorders. I suspect some manufacturers would grimace in pain hosting at the though of letting loose top reviewers on a new product, but this event confirms just how confident Canon is in regards to the XH line. We're going to share with you all the juicy details, so stay tuned. If you're a DP (director of photography), shooting in the studio frequently or you're looking for a complete HDV camcorder keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming shortly (mere minutes, we're trying to collect our thoughts in the meantime).