Primeras Bravo SE automated DVD duplicator is dawning a new Blu-ray burner. Now, with its Blu-ray burning capabilities you can burn and print up to 20 discs in an automated system for $2,995 MSRP. This device is geared toward people who need to back-up data on optical media with much higher capacities (such as Blu-rays 25 GBs of storage) and will give gaming software developers for the PS3 an alternative for getting out those test discs. For you, the video producer, its definitely too early to call theBlu-rayvs.HDDVD format war over, but at least you can offer something that most of your competitors dont have, yet. Unfortunately, youll also have to wait on the BD (Blu-ray) inkjet printable discs, which are currently hard to get a hold of since theres not too many suppliers at the moment (TDK only, so far). Nonetheless, if youre going to be making large quantities of Blu-ray discs in the near future, we strongly suggest an automated system, as burning a 25 GB disc will certainly take longer than a typical 4.7 GB DVD-R. In fact, the Bravo SE BD burner will burn a full disc in about 45 minutes or about 15 hours to burn and print a full load of 20 discs. Please, welcome back overnight burning. Well have a review of the Bravo SE DVD/CD (the non-Blu-ray version) coming up soon.