Kata announces new Ergo-Tech Collection of bags

reprinted from a Kata press release

Ramsey, New Jersey (July 21, 2006) Announcing the launch of its new Ergo-Tech Collection, Kata is giving consumers worldwide a new reason to get excited about what they put on their backs, shoulders or belts. Boasting state-of-the-art designs that look as though they were taken from the pages of a sci-fi novel, Katas new bags, packs and cases are most definitely ahead of their time and were designed to be the definitive carrying solutions for the future. A unique blend of cutting-edge technologies and materials are at the heart of the Ergo-Tech Collection and together with its unprecedented design, are sure to elevate Katas position as a leading manufacturer of ergonomic and protective carrying solutions. As with the entire Kata line, the Ergo-Tech Collection will be distributed exclusively in North America by Bogen Imaging.

Developed with the mobile consumer in mind, Ergo-Tech ideally complements lifestyles which are dominated by electronics. In the design process, Kata took into account the various gadgets and gizmos that consumers interact with on a day-to-day basis and created the ultimate on-the-go collection of carrying solutions to meet their needs. With more than 17 models, each uniquely designed to accommodate a range of electronics, including digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs, laptops, and more, Katas Ergo-Tech Collection gives a new meaning to the word versatility.

"As weve seen throughout the digital revolution, electronics have evolved to become a fundamental part of our everyday lives," said Paul Wild, President of Bogen Imaging. "Not a day goes by that you dont see people walking down the street listening to an MP3 player, talking on a cell phone, or taking a picture with a digital camera. The popularity of these portable electronic devices was the primary driving force behind the launch of the Ergo-Tech Collection and Katas desire to offer consumers a high-tech bag to complement their high-tech gear," added Mr. Wild. "Unlike traditional bags designed for imaging gear and its accessories, these have special compartments designed for the hi-tech electronics which the photographer often brings along. This is sure to make the Ergo-Tech Collection a hit throughout the entire consumer electronics arena."

Setting it apart from the competition and other bags in the Kata line, the Ergo-Tech Collection is made from Katas revolutionary Elasto-Guard material. Consisting of two layers, Elasto-Guard is a flexible material that will adjust to the ever changing shapes and movements of the carriers body, while also able to shift shape in order to fit the variable equipment within.

The external layer is made from a high-resistance stretchable knit/weave and the middle layer consists of a one to three millimeter, closed-cell, waterproof elastic foam padding. Like Katas Global Digital Collection (GDC), the Ergo-Tech Collection features the same, tried and trusted yelloop internal fabric. Vibrant, scratch and static resistant, yelloop enables the attachment of dividers and provides unmatched cushioning.

While the Ergo-Tech Collection offers consumers a futuristic design, it also offers a new level of protection. Each bag features designated safe guard zones, where extra internal, modular padding is added to protect the gear within. In addition, safe guard zones also feature Flexi-Shield, a technology specifically designed for the Ergo-Tech collection. Flexi-Shield, Katas new, high-frequency, molded flexible reinforcement, appears in the form of ridges on the exterior of safe guard zones for ultimate protection.

Additional information and hi-res images are available by accessing the Bogen Imaging Press Room at: wwwbogenimaging.us

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