New Everio from JVC

from a JVC press release

WAYNE, NJ, May 9, 2006 JVC Company of America today announced the launch of a hard drive camcorder that combines a 3-CCD imaging device for superior quality video with the long recording time made possible by an internal 30GB (gigabyte) hard disk drive.

The new JVC Everio G Series GZ-MG505, like all Everio G Series camcorders, eliminates the need to carry tapes, discs or any media at all, yet can record up to seven hours of DVD movie-quality video or more than 10 hours at DVD camcorder-quality. To put this storage capacity in context, it would take 22 single sided DVD camcorder discs (8 cm/20-minute discs) to hold just seven hours of video at camcorder quality. In Eco mode, over 37 hours worth of video can be shot without any need to eject or reload recording media.

The GZ-MG505 sits at the top of the Everio G Series line because of its superior image quality, made possible by a 3-CCD imaging device that uses pixel-shift technology to deliver 5-megapixel quality. In addition to native full resolution 16:9 (1173 x 660 x3 effective pixels) and 4:3 DVD movie quality video with superior color rendition, this high-performance image sensor enables shooting of high-resolution JPEG photos of up to 2560 x 1920 pixels. And best of all, the hard disks high capacity means that nearly 10,000 photos can be shot without a second thought, with plenty of room left for hours of video, even at the highest quality settings. To take this many snapshots would require 416 rolls of 24-exposure film on a film camera, making the GZ-MG505 the ideal camcorder for vacations where travelling light is the priority.

Despite the enormous storage capacity, the GZ-MG505 weighs-in at barely more than a pound (510 grams) including the battery and lens cap. Its small enough to easily take anywhere. Its classic camcorder-style design is topped off by a 2.7 widescreen 16:9 LCD that accurately displays native 16:9 videos while they are being shot, as well as during playback. A microphone input and accessory shoe provide flexibility to capture sound and attach lighting. And with multiple interfaces, high speed 12x USB 2.0 data transfer, and supplied software (Macintosh and Windows), its easy to view and share all those wonderful memories.

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