Bella Announces New Editing Keyboards

Reprinted from a Bella press release:

Bella Corporation, known for its innovative and award-winning video editing keyboards, raises the bar with its next generation of keyboards: the DV Keyboard 3.0, the Professional Series 3.0, and the Advantage Series 2.0.

Fulfilling the Need for Speed
In recognition of the many high-speed peripherals available, Bella’s entire line of new keyboards now feature USB 2.0 connectivity. With dual USB 2.0 ports, the DV Keyboard 3.0, the Pro Series 3.0, and the Advantage Series 2.0 keyboards all allow a direct connection to high-speed media devices, such as Apple’s iPod, Flash memory devices, and USB hard drives. Both the DV Keyboard and the Pro Series continue to offer the patented jog/shuttle controller and unique Hybrid Technology, which allows the keyboards to be used on either PCs or Macs.

The Lights Are On: Introducing the NeoLite
The NeoLite allows users to conveniently illuminate their keyboards or their workspaces in a darkened environment. The NeoLite features two bright LEDs connected to an eight-inch flexible gooseneck, while the DV Keyboard 3.0 and Pro Series 3.0 keyboards include three connection points, offering maximum convenience and flexibility.

The NeoLite is included standard with Bella’s Pro Series 3.0 keyboards, and is available as a $14.95 option for the DV Keyboard 3.0.

International Keyboards: Editing for the World
Each of Bella’s new keyboards allows users in the expanding European markets to take full advantage of these next generation keyboards by incorporating International symbols to the product line For the DV Keyboard 3.0, the Pro Series 3.0, and the Advantage Series 2.0, this additional functionality is included at no additional charge.

Advantage Series 2.0: Fully Updated
The Advantage Series 2.0 keyboards now offer more features and even better value with a built-in USB 2.0 hub and multimedia keys. The Advantage Series 2.0 is available for Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and for the Avid Xpress line of editing products. The Xpress Advantage 2.0 keyboard also offers Bella’s unique Hybrid Technology, allowing the keyboard to be used on the Mac or PC version of the software. The Advantage Series 2.0 keyboards have an MSRP of just $69.95.

Built-in Jog/Shuttle Controller
Bella’s DV Keyboard 3.0 and Pro Series 3.0 keyboards feature the world’s only built-in jog/shuttle controller. With Bella’s patented jog/shuttle design, users have precise frame-by-frame control over timelines, video, and audio clips. The easily installed software includes presets for most popular applications with additional presets that can be downloaded free from Bella’s website.

Just above the jog/shuttle controller are two Specialty Keys, which can be programmed with direct or combination keystrokes. This allows editors to use the keys for Mark In and Mark Out, or similar functions. The convenience of Web, E-mail, and Multimedia keys are also included.

The Pro Series 3.0 keyboards are available for leading video editing applications including Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, and Pinnacle Edition, and are priced at $189.95. The DV Keyboard includes high-quality sticker sets for most popular video applications, and is priced at $129.95.

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