Seagate shows off wireless USB drives

from a Seagate press release

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. Seagate Technology, the world’s number one hard drive maker, will demonstrate new storage

technologies and capabilities for everything from handheld consumer electronics devices to external storage arrays at the

Intel Developer Forum, March 7-9 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

"The rapid spread of digital content in our personal and work lives continues to drive strong demand for consumer

electronics devices and computing systems with higher storage capacity, performance, security and new capabilities that make

storage easier and more cost-effective to deploy and use," said Brian Dexheimer, executive vice president of worldwide

sales and marketing at Seagate. "Seagate continues to invest in technologies that give customers more freedom to move,

manage and protect information used in computing and consumer electronics applications."

Seagate will stage the following product and technology demonstrations at IDF:

  • Barracuda 7200.9 low power spin-up drive – The industry’s only 3.5-inch low-power spin-up disc drive for external

    storage enclosures. Built with Barracuda’s signature reliability, these drives deliver the industry’s lowest start-up

    current to increase system design flexibility and prevent system crashes or other start-up problems caused by the huge power

    draw when powering up external enclosures.

  • Momentus 5400.3 – Designed for mainstream and high-capacity notebook and tablet PCs, the industry’s first 2.5-inch

    disc drive to use perpendicular recording technology and deliver the highest areal density, 132 Gbits per square inch. The

    drive delivers up to 160GB of capacity, the highest available in a mobile form factor, and industry-leading shock


  • Momentus 5400 FDE – A hardware-based full disc encryption (FDE) solution that delivers strong protection for data

    stored on lost or stolen notebook PCs. The 2.5-inch hard drive, which encrypts and decrypts all data at full interface

    speed, provides advanced security capabilities for enterprise deployments including strong user authentication, instant

    erase, and key and password management.

  • Wireless USB portable external hard drive – Seagate’s popular 2.5-inch Portable External Hard Drive with a wireless

    USB connection. Wireless USB hard drives will eventually recognize any computer using standard wireless USB chipsets for

    easy file download and backup.

  • CE-ATA interface – CE-ATA is the emerging a standard interface standard for new devices integrating 1-inch hard disc

    drives. CE-ATA uses a highly simplified, efficient command set and physical interface that will make it significantly easier

    to integrate hard drives into consumer electronics devices such as PDAs and cell phones. Seagate’s implementation supports

    Intel XScale(tm) technology.

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