Macrosystem releases HDV conversion box

from a Macrosystem press release

Boulder, Colorado, January 15, 2006 – MacroSystem, Inc., the inventor of stand-alone
video editors, announced today the delivery of a new conversion box that provides live,
full resolution display of HD-V material. With this technology, individuals may now efficiently
archive, duplicate and view HD-V footage, without compromising the resolution
through compression and lengthy conversion times.

In 1996, Macrosystem established itself as the innovator of stand-alone non-linear editors,
providing videographers with a powerful and easy-to-use resource for producing
professional digital videos. The Macrosystem HD-V RT/HD debuts as a unique product
in the market by providing individuals with a way to work with native HD-V material in a
convenient studio setting, without requiring a larger and more expensive HDTV monitor.

"The MacroSystem HD-V RT/HD continues the Macrosystem legacy of providing cutting
edge technologies that are easy-to-use. Extending now to all editing platforms and applications,
this exceptional product serves HD-V demands that are not currently answered
by other products on the market today," said Chet Davis, the Vice President of
Marketing and Sales for MacroSystem, Inc.

As the HD-V format battles wages on between Blu-ray and HD DVD, individuals now require
a cost efficient method for preserving and backing up HD-V footage. Mini-HD-V
tapes are inefficient, costly and put the footage at risk of degradation (drop-outs).
In addition, of the current editing systems that display HD-V footage, most are limited
to playing the footage back in a lower resolution "proxy" version. The Macrosystem
High Definition Video RT/HD addresses these concerns, providing individuals with a
powerful multi-purpose tool well-suited for any HD-V environment.

The Macrosystem HD-V RT/HD connects via firewire and in real-time enables the full
resolution HD-V signal to be viewed via either DVI or VGA ports and outputs a resolution
of up to 1920 X 1200. This device is compatible with all HD-V camcorders, recorders
and HD-V editing applications. This console includes a removable 250 gigabyte
hard drive, providing up to 30 project partitions and storing up to 23 hours of HD-V material.

The HD-V Recorder is compatible with all formats: 720p, 1080i, NTSC and PAL
and a single hard drive can contain any combination of these formats. Ideal for professionals
and prosumers working with HD-V streams, the Macrosystem HD-V RT/HD is the
solution for vendors using industrial HD-V presentations and Point of Sale HD-V applications
where playlists and continuous HD-V streams are desired. The Hd-V Recorder has
an MSRP of $1999. For more information, please visit our website:

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