ArcSoft Offers VideoImpression 2 for the Mac Online

Reprinted from an ArcSoft press release:

Today, ArcSoft announced the availability of ArcSoft VideoImpression 2 for Macintosh OS X Tiger. The application allows users to create customized home movies using video clips, still images, music, and a variety of special effects.

Already a popular application among consumers using Windows-based systems, VideoImpression 2 offers Mac users all the fun and creative aspects of video editing without the steep learning curve. Usability has always been a defining factor of ArcSoft software, and VideoImpression 2 is no exception.

“We’re excited to make VideoImpression 2 available for Mac OS X Tiger,” said Michael Downs, Vice President, DVD & Video Group. “Apple’s philosophy of creating products that offer the coolest features with the best possible usability is directly reflected in Tiger, and VideoImpression 2 fits right in as a fun and easy-to-use video editor for general consumers.”

With a step-by-step creation process, the program lets users assemble video clips and still images on a convenient “Storyboard.” Audio files (music, narration, etc.) can be added on two separate, overlapping audio tracks, and special transition effects can be added between each video or photo. Projects can then be saved and exported as single video files, ready for sharing.

VideoImpression 2 features include:

  • Step-by-step creation process for error-free use
  • Capture videos and capture photos from connected devices
  • Trim video clips with just a few clicks
  • Enhance photos quickly and easily
  • Record narration directly to your project
  • Add scene transitions between each clip
  • Add intro and ending text credits
  • Bundled creative content helps you get started right away
  • ArcSoft VideoImpression 2 Mac is currently available for OEM bundling and retail online sales. The suggested retail price is US $49.99. For more information, please visit our website at

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