personalize every aspect of a disc by inkjet printing

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PrintOn DVD

With PrintOn DVD, you can personalize every aspect of a disc by inkjet printing eye-catching images, text and graphics directly on surface. Available in three specially formulated products, PrintOn DVDs are an easy alternative to labeling kits and marker pens. Bring precious memories to the surface with PrintOn DVD.

Print On DVD Photo Quality

TDK PrintOn DVD Photo Quality media has a specially designed printable label-side surface that gives your disc designs the same crisp, clear appearance as professionally produced DVDs. The flagship product in the PrintOn DVD line, PrintOn DVD Photo Quality is ideal for high-resolution, full-color image and text printing.

PrintOn DVD White Matte

PrintOn DVD White Matte is ideally suited for a variety of applications ranging from the distribution of corporate reports to sharing birthday videos and photos. Featuring a white matte, inkjet ready finish, PrintOn DVD White Matte gives images printed on the disc surface a non-glossy appearance. Text is highly legible even when printed in a small font.

PrintOn DVD Color Matte

PrintOn DVD Color Matte has a matte, inkjet ready finish with a colorful twist. Each disc’s printable surface is tinted in one color pink, blue, green, gold or silver. Printed images and text take on a distinctive, fun look, but still retain their professionally-printed quality. PrintOn DVD Color Matte discs are a great way to spice up basic disc designs without any extra effort. PrintOn DVD Color Matte makes it easy to organize and identify your discs.

Note: Printing on TDK PrintOn DVD media requires a DVD/CD compatible inkjet printer.

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