Lite-On Ships DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive

Reprinted from a Lite-On IT press release:

Lite-On IT, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical storage solutions for PCs and Home Entertainment centers today announced its most robust HDD DVD Recorder offering to date, the LVW-5045. This latest addition to the rapidly expanding portfolio of Lite-On-branded DVD Recorders features the "All-Write" (1) technology for writing to the most popular digital media formats and an 160GB hard drive capable of storing up to 198 hours (2) of recording time.

For ease of use and consumer convenience, the LVW-5045 incorporates the VCR Plus+ Guide, and an advanced "Easy Guider 2" menu for simplifying essential DVD Recorder operations. The VCR Plus+ system lets users simply input a predefined group of digits found in the TV Guide magazine or news papers to program the timer record settings. "Easy Guider 2" also provides on-screen capabilities for easy setup and system navigation at the press of a button. In addition, the LVW-5045 incorporates an easy-to-set Timer/Recording features, allowing up to 16 sets of pre-scheduled recordings to be viewed at one’s convenience.

With the convenience of a high-performance 160GB hard disk, the LVW-5045 provides pseudo Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality such as Time Shift, which allows users to "pause live TV". Now, pausing a live broadcast while maintaining uninterrupted, continuous recording, is fast and simple with the LVW-5045.

(1) "All Write" technology from Lite-On provides the capability to record to most popular digital media formats including DVD +R/RW; DVD-R/RW and CD Recordable discs.
(2) In SLP Mode.
VCR Plus+ and Plus Code are registered trademarks of Gemstar TV-Guide International, Inc. The VCR Plus+ system is manufactured under license from Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.

Using the innovation of "All-Write" technology, the Lite-On LVW-5045 HDD DVD Recorder will revolutionize the way consumers record video to digital mediums. The LVW-5045 is the first HDD DVD Recorder capable of recording to DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW discs, reducing consumers concerns about which recordable media format to use.

Additionally, the LVW-5045 is equipped with 480p progressive scan that delivers razor sharp video images to maximize the viewing experience. Users can select HQ mode for maximum recording quality (1 hour recording time on DVD or 33 hours on the HDD), or SLP mode for up to 6 hours of recording time on DVD or 198 hours on the hard drive. A distinctive "Just Fit" feature dynamically adjusts the DVD recording quality based upon the available DVD disc space. With "Just Fit", consumers need not worry about missing the end of their favorite TV show since the LVW-5045 records the desired content by "synchronizing" the recording quality and the residual DVD disc space. The built in DV Link (IEEE 1394) provides superior digital input for high quality DV recording onto DVD discs or the hard drive.

Other features include high-speed dubbing and CD/MP3/JPEG playback providing the ultimate solution for audio enthusiasts and videophiles alike. One Touch is all it takes to record content from the hard disk drive to the DVD or vice-versa.

Distinctive Features

  • Available Recording Time: 198 hours for hard disk; 6 hours for DVD
  • High performance 160GB hard disk for "one touch" dubbing and Time Shift capabilities
  • Innovative "All-Write" allows recording to most popular digital media formats
  • High quality DV Link (IEEE 1394) connection for recording from compatible DV camcorders
  • "Easy Guider 2" on screen navigation system for all major functions
  • VCR Plus+ Guide for simplified programming of favorite shows
  • Lite-On DVD drives, CD drives, and Consumer Electronics products are available through select retailers, resellers and distributors in the North American and South American geographies.

    Please feel free to contact your authorized Lite-On Distributor, Reseller or Retailer for additional information.
    For information on other Lite-On products, visit us at or call us at 408-935-5353.

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