Ulead Announces DVD FLLC Verification for DVD MovieFactory, DVD DiskRecorder

Reprinted from a Ulead press release:

As initially announced in Taiwan on January 24th, Ulead Systems, Inc., a leader in digital imaging, video, and DVD software, was the first software company to have its DVD technology pass the DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation (FLLC) verification process and be awarded the right to carry the DVD-Video logo. The DVD Logo indicates that all Ulead DVD authoring products such as DVD MovieFactory and DVD DiskRecorder* can burn DVD-RW and DVD-RAM discs that are compatible and can be played on most set-top DVD recorders that support the DVD-VR format.

Ulead entered the DVD authoring software market in 2001. Since then, Ulead has consistently raised the bar for offering consumers easy-to-use software coupled with the latest DVD technology. According to BCN data**, Ulead’s DVD authoring software is the best selling authoring software in Japan, the biggest market for the DVD-VR format.

“With Ulead now able to proudly display the DVD-Video logo, consumers will know that the software they use has received and passed extensive testing,” said Andy Parsons, senior vice president of product development at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “As the DVD Forum develops new technology, Ulead is clearly at the forefront for harnessing this new technology giving consumers software that’s easier and more powerful to use.”

“Ulead’s DVD authoring products offer some of broadest and deepest support for DVD-RAM media including the ability to edit playlists and content directly on the disc and burn directly to a DVD-RAM disc,” says Panasonic’s group manager, Tony Jasionowski. “Now with the DVD-Video logo, any of our customers who use DVD MovieFactory can be assured that their home DVD video or slideshows will play on their -VR set-top DVD-RAM recorder.”

“We’re pleased to learn that Ulead was the first company to receive the DVD-Video logo for PC Recording,” said Mr. Hitoshi Miyai, general manager of the Digital Appliances Development Division at NEC Personal Products, Ltd. “This significant distinction recognizes Ulead’s innovation, which has been greatly valued by NEC, and highlights the strength of our relationship with Ulead, our long-term software partner. It also further solidifies the foundation of our future partnership and success in the DVD arena.”

“We are proud to maintain our leadership position for consumer DVD authoring and recording products that support DVD-Video and DVD-VR formats,” says Bill Hsiun, vice president of Global Strategic Sales Center at Ulead Systems. “Ulead has long been in the forefront of developing DVD technology and has a strong brand in the DVD software market. Our partners, customers and users have been confident in the reliability of our products long before we passed this verification. But with this new verification, we are once again reaffirming our commitment to offering home users and DVD manufacturers some of the most easy-to-use, powerful, and fully compatible DVD software in the market.”

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