Miraizon Announces Cinematize 2 DVD Extractor for Non-Encrypted DVDs

Reprinted from a Miraizon press release:

Miraizon, a San Jose-based digital media software company, announced today that its best selling DVD movie clip extraction application Cinematize 2 is now available on the Windows platform. Since the successful release of the Macintosh-based Cinematize in the fall of 2003, PC users have long awaited the release of a Windows version. Cinematize allows users to extract audio or video clips off of unencrypted DVDs and save them in formats compatible with standard multimedia editing tools, thus allowing users to create something new using the content from existing DVDs. Cinematize 2 for Windows released today provides functional parity with the latest version of Cinematize 2 for Macintosh, Cinematize 2.03. Both the downloadable version of Cinematize 2 for Windows as well as a free demo version are immediately available from Miraizon web site: http://www.miraizon.com. The availability of the packaged version of Cinematize 2 for Windows will be announced at a later date.

"Ever since we released the Macintosh version of Cinematize, PC users have been asking about a Windows version. We are very pleased to finally meet their needs. Cinematize for Macintosh has been used by thousands of audio and video professionals and enthusiasts all over the world. Built based on this solid and powerful Mac product, Cinematize 2 for Windows is a new, yet very mature product. We are confident that Windows users will enjoy its ease of use and breadth of functionality," said the CEO and founder of Miraizon, David Salamon.

With its intuitive user interface and advanced extraction features, Cinematize turns the once impossible and difficult task of extracting audio and video segments off of a DVD into one that is fun and easy. Cinematize saves extracted audio and video files in formats compatible with standard multimedia editing tools from companies such as Roxio, Nero, Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple. Cinematize thus enables the reuse of existing DVD content in creating something new, be it a highlights collection, edited movie, or music CD from a concert.

Cinematize customers include major Hollywood movie studios and TV networks, top art schools, advertising agencies, as well as many home users. Professional multimedia editors use Cinematize not only for editing their movies and music but also for creating portfolios and presentations to showcase their best work. Schools, businesses, and other organizations use Cinematize to extract just the segments they need for classes and presentations. Home users find Cinematize convenient to extract favorite scenes from family DVDs, to eliminate unwanted scenes from recorded TV programs, or to create audio CDs. Users can also create still pictures from favorite scenes by extracting specific short segments. Cinematize offers a very simple user interface with good documentation and thorough technical support for novice users, as well as comprehensive features and great performance for professional users.

Summary of Cinematize 2 for Windows Main Features:

DVD Clip Selection

  • Selection of clips as short as a few frames, or as long as all the chapters in a movie
  • Support for multiple angles and soundtracks
  • Full audio format support (PCM, AC-3 MPEG, DTS, SDDS)
  • Full video format support (PAL, NTSC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2)
  • Preview in full motion video
  • Extraction and Decoding Options

  • Extraction of audio alone, video alone, or together as QuickTime or MPEG movies
  • Powerful control of the video decoding process
  • Video decoding to any codec supported by QuickTime
  • Advanced audio and video synchronization
  • Video decoding to raw formats
  • Audio decoding to AIFF, WAV, or raw formats
  • Output Options

  • Batch extraction options to save multiple chapters as one or multiple clips
  • Fast extraction and decoding of video and AC-3 audio
  • Extraction of audio and video with full original quality
  • Extracted files saved in formats compatible with standard multimedia editing software
  • Output formats including QuickTime movies (as flattened single files or with separate audio/video files), AVI files, DV Stream files, or raw formats.
  • General

  • Accelerated for processors supporting MMX and SSE2 instructions
  • High performance with multi-threading
  • Intuitive user interface and ease of use
  • Thorough documentation and excellent technical support
  • More details on Cinematize 2 features can be found at http://www.miraizon.com.

    Pricing and Availability

    The downloadable version of Cinematize 2 for Windows is available immediately from the Company web site at http://www.miraizon.com for US $59.95. A free demo version of Cinematize 2 for Windows is also available from the Company web site. The availability of the boxed version of Cinematize 2 Windows will be announced at a later date.

    The downloadable and boxed versions of Cinematize 2 for Macintosh are also available from the company web site, priced at US $59.95, and $69.95 respectively. The boxed version of Cinematize 2 for Macintosh is also available at major retailers including CompUSA, Fry’s, Micro Center, J&R, and Amazon.com.

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