Verbatim Announces DigitalMovie Camcorder DVDs

Reprinted from a Verbatim press release:

Verbatim Corporation announced today a new family of Mini DVD DigitalMovie Discs that brings the unique classic movie reel look of Verbatim’s highly acclaimed 4.7GB DigitalMovie media to the Mini DVD format. The new 1-4x Mini DVD-R and 1-2x Mini DVD-RW Discs measure only three inches in diameter but offer a capacity of up to 1.4GB and compliance with the DVD Forum specifications. Designed to support camcorders from Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony and others that use disc-based Mini DVD media, the premium-quality discs are also a convenient and inexpensive way to share eye-catching personal videos. The Mini DVD DigitalMovie discs feature Verbatim’s new VideoGard technology for added protection against normal home use scratches and abrasion. Verbatim Mini DVD-R DigitalMovie 5-packs and DVD-RW 3-packs will be showcased at its CES Booth # 31842, South Hall 3, January 6-9, in Las Vegas.

In addition to supporting the 1x real time recording requirements of camcorders, Verbatim Mini DVD write-once and ReWritable DigitalMovie media can be recorded with any DVD burner that supports 8cm DVD-R up to 4x speed and DVD-RW at 2x speed.

The realistic look of a classic Hollywood movie reel makes camcorder users feel like movie directors, but the Mini DVD DigitalMovie discs are just as much fun to view and share. With playback support from most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives, users have the convenience of moving finalized discs directly from the camcorder to a DVD player for immediate viewing on a TV screen. When used to create additional copies for sharing personal videos and photos, Verbatim Mini DVD DigitalMovie discs will make recipients smile before they even play the disc.

About half the size of standard 12cm DVDs, Verbatim Mini DVD discs have the capacity to record 30 minutes of high-quality video (depending on the recording mode) or up to 1.4GB of data, including digital photos, MP3 files and business presentations, to a single disc. The innovative discs can also be used to transfer home video tapes to optical media that won’t degrade over time.

“Everyone who sees these discs says they look just like the reels of celluloid film movie houses use,” said Tim Clatterbuck, Verbatim Optical Storage Manager. “But they aren’t just novelty items. They’re manufactured with the latest technologies to ensure high performance, reliability and durability. With our new VideoGard technology, camcorder users don’t have to worry about scratching the discs when loading or removing media. This is essential, because if the surface gets scratched, it can cause the laser to be deflected during playback which can cause skips and freezes in home movies that can never be captured again.”

Pricing, Availability
Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Verbatim Mini DVD DigitalMovie DVD-R and DVD-RW media will be available through leading retailers, Internet resellers and distributors across the country in January. The expected street prices are $12.99 for a 5-pack of Mini DVD DigitalMovie DVD-R discs and about $12.99 for the Mini DVD DigitalMovie DVD-RW 3-pack

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