Maxell Announces Print-To-Center Inkjet-Printable Blank DVDs

Reprinted from a Maxell press release:

Maxell Corporation of America has introduced new DVD-R Inkjet Printable White media featuring print-to-center capability in consumer-friendly packaging to spearhead a new retail marketing initiative for the product category.

Maxell’s new print-to-center capability offers consumers and end-users 10% more usable printing surface on the disc for a richer, more robust and finished presentation.

"With disc enabled inkjet printers being priced at retail-friendly levels, we expect printable media to contribute 12 to 15 percent of total DVD media sales in 2005," said Peter Brinkman, vice president of marketing for Maxell. "What’s even more impressive is that we expect this figure from a zero base line, so the sales growth is going to be explosive. We want to help our retail partners take advantage of this trend with consumer packaging that encourages the buying decision in the self-serve environment that characterizes most retail today."

Maxell DVD-R Inkjet Printable White media, with its superior printable surface, is ideal for both business and consumer applications.

"Whether the business application is SOHO, professional videography or institutional, Maxell’s product is very well positioned to maximize the specific business need. And for consumer applications, Maxell’s DVD-R Inkjet Printable White media is equally well positioned to address a broad range of personal uses," added Brinkman.

Maxell’s new print-to-center DVD-R Printable White media has a capacity of 4.7GB or up to 120 minutes of personal recording time, and features write speed of up to 8X. It is available in March.

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