Maxell Announces High Grade Blank DVDs

Reprinted from a Maxell press release:

Maxell Corporation of America has raised the bar in DVD quality with the unveiling of its new DVD High Grade Video media in the DVD-R and DVD+R formats. The new introduction is part of Maxell’s overall product strategy of offering premium step-up products that provide higher performance to consumers.

The new DVD High Grade Video media features an advanced hard-coated surface that provides forty times more scratch resistance for superior durability, insuring the enhanced quality performance for recorded home entertainment content. The new DVD High Grade Video media from Maxell also offers enhanced protection of the content in a wide variety of environments. This feature can be especially important when the media is going to be used for family entertainment in portable and in-vehicle DVD systems. The Maxell hard-coated surface provides extended archival life.

"As the DVD format becomes increasingly more a part of our lives, consumers will expect it to provide them with enhanced archival storage for their most cherished memories and recorded home entertainment programming," said Peter Brinkman, Maxell’s vice president of marketing. "Our new DVD High Grade Video media provides a significantly harder surface, providing superior scratch resistance for a longer archival life."

Manufactured by Maxell’s factory in Japan, DVD-R and DVD+R High Grade Video media has a capacity of 4.7GB or up to 120 minutes of video recording time, and features write speed of up to 16X. This product is available immediately.

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