Maxell Announces 16X Blank DVDs

Reprinted from a Maxell press release:

Maxell Corporation of America has unveiled new DVD-R and DVD+R media that support write speeds up to 16X to allow end users and consumers to take advantage of new enhanced drives. The new introduction is part of Maxell’s overall product strategy of offering premium step-up products that provide higher performance for end users and consumers.

"As manufacturers enhance the drives they produce with features such as faster write speeds, end users require advanced media that supports these enhanced drives," said Peter Brinkman, vice president of marketing for Maxell. "As drives migrate to 16X, Maxell is committed to leveraging its technology leadership by delivering media that supports this enhanced capability."

In addition to the faster 16X write speed, Maxell’s new DVD-R and DVD+R media have 4.7GB of data storage capacity or up to 120 minutes of content recording time. These products will be available from March of 2005.

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