InterVideo Announces Instant Movie Maker

Reprinted from an InterVideo press release:

From the makers of WinDVD, the world’s ultimate DVD playback, and WinDVD Creator, an easy-to-use DVD and VCD creation software, InterVideo, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII) announced today it will showcase the new release of Instant Movie Maker at CES this week. This simple-to-use video editing and production solution is for people who want to quickly create professional-looking videos of special memories and events.

Designed for ease of use, Instant Movie Maker gives consumers a brand new movie-making experience. From novice users to professionals, Instant Movie Maker can take raw video footage and instantly change it to an entirely new look and feel. With three easy steps, users can create their own movie with various movie clips, audio tracks, and scene transitions. Step one imports media sources such as video or image files, and allows for insertion of the desired background music. In step two, users select one of the twelve preset movie styles. In step three, users specify the output preferences such as DVD, VCD or SVCD, as well as output to the hard drive. Additionally, users can use the preview button to view the movie before it is actually output to the source.

“With Instant Movie Maker, InterVideo kept in mind digital video camcorder owners who want to make home movies without the hassle and time-consuming process of complicated editing and post-production work,” said Steve Ro, CEO and founder of InterVideo. “These users want to create a movie with as few steps as possible and an automatically generated friendly user interface. Instant Movie Maker is the solution to deliver an entertaining video with titles, scene transitions, special effects, audio and music background.”

Instant Movie Maker contains two modules: Instant Movie and Archive Video to Disc. It is aimed to simplify the user’s efforts in creating a home video from DV camcorders and saving them to a disc or a file. Editing videos can be tedious, difficult and time-consuming while capturing audio and video clips. Now, with Instant Movie Maker, it only takes a few minutes to create a movie. With InterVideo’s superior editing and filter technology, the editing mechanism integrated in the software will automatically go through captured video clips while intelligently analyzing and detecting key scenes from video footage. Once the analysis stage is completed, it automatically cuts and synchronizes these highlights to the rhythm of the chosen music; edits them together into a completed video production along with video effects, transitions, and background music. Also integrated with Instant Movie Maker, is InterVideo’s patented UniPass technology that skips the rendering until the end so it gives users an added benefit by saving them hours of movie-making time.

Another feature included is the twelve movie styles that are available for users to choose the output file. From a wedding theme to a musical video, users can take a piece of unrefined video and produce a dozen different productions in just a few minutes with a finished and professional look. Exclusive to InterVideo, is its Direct Recording technology that allows users to burn videos from camcorders directly to a disc with an added menu. This advanced technology does all the buffering, rendering and burning in the background, in real time. The finished video can be saved in a variety of formats, including DV for playing and recording back to a camcorder, AVI for play back on a PC, ASF for streaming out over the Internet, MPEG-1 for burning onto CDs/DVDs and MPEG-2 for burning to DVD. With its broad compatibility, Instant Movie Maker supports most popular video input and output formats: CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R/RW/-RAM disc or hard drive.

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