Digital Hotcakes Adds Wedding Essentials Titles

Reprinted from a Digital Hotcakes press release:

Digital Hotcakes, the leader in affordable professional motion graphics, announces the release of two new volumes to its Wedding Essentials line. Both volumes are individually unique and quintessential additions to any wedding videographer’s animation library.

Wedding Essentials Volume 3 is designed to save the editor time from start to finish. This volume provides beginnings and endings with clever intro and outro sets. Six sets in all, they not only save time but help build themes. Wedding Essentials Volume 3 also includes creative transitions and wipes, stunning overlays, and seamlessly looping wedding backgrounds. This volume contains 48 animations.

Wedding Essentials Volume 4 offers elegance and style with stunning satin and lace backgrounds in 15 different color sets, allowing the editor to give the bride her colors! Each color set includes a lace, drape, folds, and lower third animation. Colors range from soft pastels to electrifying jewel tones. This volume contains 65 animations.

As always, Wedding Essentials Volumes 3 & 4 are 100% royalty-free and are compatible with all popular video editing systems. All animations are digitally created for superior quality and all backgrounds loop seamlessly. Animations are descriptively named and each DVD package includes a printed thumbnail guide for time-saving quick and easy referencing.

Each volume is on three data DVDs as both real-time DV compressed AVIs and Quicktime movies. Overlays and wipes are provided as Quicktime PNG movies, chroma-key green AVIs, and targa image sequences. Wedding Essentials is available in NTSC and PAL. Also available on NTSC Mini-DV and PAL Mini-DV on master quality tapes. Animations loop one minute with countdown between each. Overlays and wipes are recorded with both black and chroma-key green backgrounds.

Digital Hotcakes Wedding Essentials Volumes 3 & 4 are absolutely indispensable.

Pricing and Availability
Wedding Essentials series is offered at $119 per volume or $349 for the whole set! They can be purchased directly from Digital Hotcakes. For more information, visit our web site or call 318-603-0236.

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