Serious Magic Announces Visual Communicator 2.0

Reprinted from a Serious Magic press release:

Serious Magic, Inc. announced today the availability of its multi-award-winning Visual Communicator software. Ideal for businesses, educators, trainers, and video producers, Visual Communicator 2 is based on a video production process that eliminates traditional editing timelines to allow for dramatically faster video creation while making productions that looks as if they were created for a television newscast.

“Serious Magic is proud to launch the biggest upgrade ever to Visual Communicator,” stated Mark Randall, Serious Magic’s president & CEO. “We maintained its fast and simple interface yet added a powerful new engine that brings fundamental improvements to users’ videos and productivity.”

Flexible Recording Options
Visual Communicator 2 introduces Flex Recording which allows users to shoot segments out of sequence or at different times. With Flex Recording users can start in the middle, begin at the end, or update any section they’ve recorded at any time. “I’m excited about the new Flex Recording feature in Visual Communicator as it will enable me to focus and polish key points in my business video presentations,” said Sean Henry, president of Master Solutions, L.L.C. “Then, when I want to pitch my product to a particular company, I can simply customize my introduction for that particular client and output the video file immediately.”

Robust Editing Features
On-The-Fly Editing gives users amazing new ways to improve their shows by giving them the power to add or change media such as PowerPoint slides, graphics, or video while recording their presentation. This feature is especially useful for those that wish to stream their presentations live over the Internet as it enables them to potentially respond to viewer’s questions and answer them immediately while displaying complementary graphics or charts as examples. The In-Place Trimming feature greatly improves the ease and speed at which users can specify which portions of video clips are included in their presentation and interactively edits their video clips without having to edit them on a timeline. To fade audio in or out, a new audio function has been added to allow users full control over the mood of their video presentations.

Preview Edits Instantly
The Review Anywhere feature allows users to see their video production immediately before recording. There is no longer a need to replay an entire show from the beginning to see a change they’ve made at the end. All recordings and clips play back in frame-accurate, real-time preview. The Real-Time Scrubbing feature allows users to scroll through their production forwards, backwards and even in slow motion while seeing all special effects, video and camera recordings immediately.

Choose From Three Versions
The award-winning software line, which, in its history, has secured seven Product-of-the-Year awards, consists of Visual Communicator Web, Visual Communicator Pro, and Visual Communicator Studio. Each version offers an on-screen teleprompter, customizable graphics and titles, real-time transitions and virtual sets as well as includes a professional clip-on microphone and V-Screen foldable backdrop material for green screen effects. Visual Communicator Web supports video resolutions up to 320X240. Visual Communicator Pro adds the ability to record videos in full broadcast resolution for DVD, videotape, video projection and more. Additionally, the Pro version features the unique ability to convert native PowerPoint shows into video presentations. The robust Studio version offers live video output and gives users the option to self-produce live broadcasts. Video can be streamed over the Internet, posted to a Web server, or viewed live on a large projection screen, monitor or TV without expensive hardware or technically complex set-ups. Studio allows users to publish their videos to Web pages without learning HTML, as well as include chapter markers and links to display Web pages, pictures or PowerPoint slides alongside their video.

Availability and Price
Visual Communicator 2 Web is priced at $199.95, Visual Communicator 2 Pro at $399.95, and Visual Communicator 2 Studio at $695.00. However, given that the holiday season is upon us, Serious Magic will be offering a special introductory price. Upgrades for current Visual Communicator owners are available via electronic download. For more information on pricing, visit

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