Imagine Products Announces New Mac Logging Software

Reprinted from an Imagine Products press release:

Imagine Products announces the release and general availability of HD Log Bronze and Silver editions. Built for Mac OS X the software applications are organizational tools used to quickly index and catalog video from RS422 decks, FireWire devices, or QuickTime media files in preparation for editing, archiving or sharing.

HD Log Bronze is specifically designed for users of Apple Computer’s Final Cut Pro, Avid Technology, Inc. , Optibase/Media100, Adobe Systems and Accom Sphere editors and others. It is especially helpful in long form projects, transcriptions, and extracting frames for printing. Saves time and hard disk space, and frees the editor equipment for revenue producing activities.

Both versions of HD Log sport enhanced searching, sorting and user custom templates and printing. The application’s feature rich interface gives greater control over video viewing areas, thumbnail sizes and quick pick lists.

HD Log is fully compatible with previous MacTEP, DV Log-X and HD Log-X files, as well as cross platform compatible with TEPX and Image Mine Windows log files.

A new, USB connection portable LTC timecode reader is also announced. This compact reader is self powered, requiring no batteries. The perfect companion for PowerBook field logging.

HD Log Silver edition offers cross file log searching. With it, you can search for clips in any of your logs across the hard disk or network. HD Log Silver also supports digital media file logging. Auto-log from QuickTime video files. Link one or more QT or MPEG files to a clip (e.g. one for the clip, one for the whole tape or segment).

The software also works seamlessly with Contour Design, Inc.’s Jog and Shuttle Controllers. This collaboration gives users the ability to control frequently used commands with the touch of a button on the external controller, and enables jog wheel control of RS422 or FireWire decks. The pre-configured settings for ShuttleXpress and ShuttlePro are available for download.

The price for the HD Log software is $399US for Bronze, $599US for Silver. Requires OS X 10.2.3 or higher. Accessories for deck control, shuttle controller, USB video capture, portable timecode reader and RS422 serial cables are available directly from the Imagine Products’ Web site, .

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