Ulead Announces MediaStudio Pro Support for Sony HDV Camcorder

Reprinted from a Ulead press release:

With its industry- leading expertise in real-time MPEG editing, Ulead Systems was the first company to offer video editing software to natively support the HDV format. With today’s introduction of the Sony HDR-FX1 camcorder, Sony has further advanced High Definition (HD) to offer the world’s first HDV 1080i camcorder. Ulead Systems, a 15-year industry-leader in video, image, and DVD software development, plans to be among the first companies to support the Sony HDR-FX1 camcorder by providing native and cost-effective HD video editing support within MediaStudio Pro, Ulead’s professional video editing software suite.

The HDV format was established by Canon Inc., Sharp Corporation, Sony Corporation, and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) in September 2003. It was designed to give consumers an affordable way to record and playback high- quality, high-definition video to standard DV and mini DV cassette tapes.

The Ulead HD Plug-in for the Sony HDR-FX1 camcorder will give videographers a way to natively capture, edit, and output high-resolution HDV 1080i content within MediaStudio Pro 7, Ulead’s professional post-production video editing suite. With the Ulead HD Plug-in, MediaStudio Pro 7 will handle HD video content seamlessly without requiring additional tools or interfaces.

“Sony is proud to introduce the new HDV camcorders because they allow consumers to record their personal content in the high definition quality that was only previously available to broadcasters,” said Masashi Imamura, Senior General Manager, Personal Video Division of Digital Imaging Company, Sony Corporation IT & Mobile Solutions Network Company. “We are very pleased that Ulead will provide their sophisticated editing software that allows these consumers to easily edit HD content.”

“We have a solid track record for staying abreast of the latest technology curves,” says Juliet Kuo, associate vice president who oversees the video technology in Ulead Systems. “We were first to market with a native and affordable HDV editing solution in the spring of 2004 and we’re pleased to be here again with the latest video editing technology to support Sony’s new HDV consumer camcorder.”

The Ulead HD Plug-in for MediaStudio Pro is expected to be available for the Sony HDR-FX1 camcorder by the end of October 2004.

About MediaStudio Pro
Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7.0 is a complete, professional digital video post-production suite designed for professionals and enthusiasts. It offers Realtime Software Preview, Output and MPEG Encoding. MediaStudio’s modular package includes video capture, editing, audio editing, video painting and powerful CG graphics, as well as DVD/VCD authoring tools. These modules combine to give the most complete set of integrated post-production tools available in a mature desktop editing environment. Developed to produce video content for broadcast, tape, CD-ROM, Video CD/DVD and the Internet, MediaStudio Pro 7.0 is the complete set of video tools for the creative professional.

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