Wildform Announces Flix Flash Video Exporter

Reprinted from a Wildform press release:

Wildform, the leaders in Flash video technology, today announced the release of the Flix Flash Video Exporter Component for Windows. The Flix Exporter enables many existing video applications to export Wildform’s high quality FLV and SWF Flash video formats.

The Flix Exporter works with many different video applications that support the use of Quicktime plugins, including Discreet Media Cleaner, Canopus Procoder, Adobe After Effects, and Apple Quicktime Pro. After installing the Flix Exporter, Wildform’s FLV and SWF video export will appear in the native program’s export options.

The Flix Exporter provides Flash video export using the Wildform codec with either 1-pass VBR (variable bitrate) or higher quality 2-pass VBR encoding. The Exporter outputs both the FLV and SWF formats. The ability to export both FLV and SWF files gives customers a wider range of capabilities. The FLV video output can be played directly in the Flash Player, streamed through the Flashcom server, or imported into Macromedia Flash. Additionally, the FLV output offers unlimited play length and file size (FLV files do not have the 16,000 frame limit or RAM consumption issues of SWF files) and superior performance when played from a CD-ROM. The SWF output can be played in the Flash Player and offers features such as greater player compatibility and the ability to use SWF functions.

Up to now, the only way to add Flash video export to an existing video application was through the purchase of Macromedia’s Flash MX Pro 2004 which includes an FLV exporter. That product costs $699 and does not provide SWF output.

Wildform CEO, Jonathan Blank, stated, “Our new Flix Exporter enables users of multiple video applications to export their video in the convenient and easy to use Flash format which is the ideal video format for deployment on the Web, in presentations, and on CD-ROMs.”

The Flix Exporter is $99 and is available for Windows.

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