Iomega Announces FireWire REV Drive

Reprinted from an Iomega press release:

Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data storage, today announced that a bus-powered FireWire version of the revolutionary new Iomega REV drive is now shipping. The new REV 35GB* 1394/FireWire drive gives Mac users an elegant, high-performance device for backup and large file portable storage, combining the speed and ease of use of a hard drive with the removability of tape or optical products.

“Iomega is proud to bring the benefits of the new Iomega REV drive to the Mac community in a high-performance FireWire design,” said Werner Heid, president and CEO, Iomega Corporation. “For computer enthusiasts and small and medium-sized businesses, the native FireWire REV drive, created specifically for Apple users, opens up a whole new world of possibilities for easy transporting and archiving of large files, as well as transforming the backup process.”

The Iomega REV drive, launched in April, is already available in USB 2.0 and internal ATAPI models, with SCSI and Serial ATA models planned for later this year. The Iomega REV drive was recently honored with a “Best of CeBIT America” award for personal hardware. The REV drive is also a “PC Magazine Editors’ Choice” recipient (June 22, 2004 issue).

State-of-the-Art Performance
The REV drive delivers exceptional read-write performance of up to 25 MB/sec. (maximum native transfer rate), much faster than writable CD or DVD alternatives. REV disks are smaller than a deck of playing cards (10 x 77 x 75 mm) and with 35GB of storage capacity on each disk, REV disks have more than seven times the capacity of standard DVD discs. With drag-and-drop random access technology, REV drive users can copy and transport files in seconds.

The new REV FireWire drive features a distinct two-tone design in white and light grey specifically created to coordinate with other Mac peripheral products. In addition, each REV FireWire drive ships with one Mac-formatted REV disk, which can be easily reformatted for PC users, providing a complete out-of-the-box solution. All users will appreciate that the new REV FireWire drive is bus-powered for convenient use without a power supply.

Bundled Software For A Total Solution
Included with each Iomega REV FireWire drive is a software suite that provides for scheduled or automatic file backup, full system backup and recovery, and software-based compression. These features are available to Mac users with the included Dantz Retrospect Express software, and to PC users with the included Iomega Automatic Backup Pro software and the included Symantec Norton Ghost for REV software.

“We’re delighted that Macintosh users of Iomega’s revolutionary new REV 35GB FireWire drive will be protected from data disasters with Retrospect Express,” said Don Chouinard, director of product marketing at Dantz Development Corporation. “Using Retrospect Express with high-performance REV disks will deliver the most reliable, easy to use data protection.”

Revolutionary Reliability
REV disks are rated for over one million rewrites and are engineered for a long shelf life, estimated to exceed 30 years. In the REV drive design, sensitive components like the read/write heads and electronics are located in the REV drive for protection. The disk itself holds a hard drive platter and a fluid-dynamic bearing motor, a design that delivers high durability while also eliminating the spindle hole as a potential source of dust contamination. Patent-pending air filtration, together with shutters that seal off both drive and disk from outside air when the disk is inserted and ejected, contribute to a virtual “clean room” environment inside the removable REV disk.

These features, combined with Iomega’s patent-pending advanced two-stage error correction and patent-pending automatic head cleaning, give REV storage products exceptional data integrity–better than that of many sealed hard drives.

Vertical Markets
The Iomega REV drive has the speed, capacity and reliability to transform large file tasks in any business. Apple computer users in vertical markets will be delighted with the features and the virtually unlimited storage expandability of the REV FireWire drive. The Iomega REV FireWire drive is ideal for:

  • Audio/video producers who archive professional audio and video projects;
  • Graphics designers, architects, publishers and other professionals that work with large files;
  • Software developers;
  • Engineers and consultants that manage CAD/CAM and GIS data;
  • Companies and stores that manage surveillance video; and
  • Students in shared computing environments who need to maintain their own data files on removable media.

    Compatibility and Requirements
    For Mac users, the new REV FireWire drive is a 6-pin FireWire 400 device that supports Mac OS X v10.1.5 and above. For PC users, supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows XP Home and Professional; Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition; and Windows 2000 Server/Professional/Advanced Server (SP3 and SP4). A power supply is included for use when daisy-chaining FireWire devices or when using 4-pin FireWire connections.

    Price and Availability
    The new Iomega REV 35GB drive with FireWire interface is shipping now at a price, including one disk, of $399.99. Mac-formatted disks are also available separately for $59.99 each (all prices are U.S. suggested retail).

    The Iomega REV drive is also shipping in USB 2.0 external ($399.99 with one disk included) and ATAPI internal ($379.99 with one disk included) configurations (all prices are U.S. suggested retail). SCSI and SATA models are also planned for introduction in 2004. Iomega REV autoloaders, which will support multiple disks per drive unit, are currently planned for introduction in the second half of 2004.

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