Focus Enhancements Releases New Video Mixers

Reprinted from a Focus Enhancements press release:

FOCUS Enhancements Inc. (NASDAQ SC: FCSE), a worldwide leader in video production and conversion technology, today announced the release of two new mixer models: the MX-4 and the MX-4 DV.

“The MX-1 virtually created the affordable digital video mixer market in 1994. Our mixer line was further strengthened in 1997 with the introduction of MXPro and again in 1999 with the introduction of MXProDV, the first mixer to incorporate a FireWire/i.Link I/O,” commented Michael Conway, senior vice president of Marketing. “Our mixer team continues to proactively address customer desires and has added a graphics store, Ethernet, two additional DV inputs and numerous other features to these mixers.”

The FOCUS Enhancements MX-4 Digital Video Mixer offers a host of features including:

10 bit 4:2:2 video processing with superior input comb filter circuitry

Four times faster processor with flash-upgradeable memory

Integral graphics store

Ethernet for computer and network connectivity

Four-layer video effects, including foreground graphics

700+ transitions, including cuts, fades, wipes, zooms, edges, shapes and trailing effects

Two channel TBC (Time Base Corrector)

Faster cuts and transition speeds

Input effects with preview, including brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, posterization B&W, B&W Negative, Horizontal or Vertical Flip, Mosaic, Color Negative, Color Correction, Strobe and Chroma Key

PiPs (picture-in-picture), which can be enhanced with soft edges, colored borders and drop shadows for 3D-like impact

In addition to the above features, the MX-4 DV model includes four FireWire/i.Link (IEEE 1394) inputs and one FireWire/i.Link output to enable videographers to mix DV video and 10-bit analog video in real time with fast cuts. Another advantage of using DV is its full support for up to four channels of embedded digital audio with CD-quality audio performance. The MX-4 DV is ideal as a production mixer or video processor upstream to an NLE or encoding station.

The MX-4 and MX-4 DV are expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2004. The suggested retail price of the MX-4 is $2,195. The suggested retail price of the MX-4 DV will be announced at a later date. The MX-4 and MX-4 DV are designed for live event productions in the education, business, multimedia and the broadcast markets.

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