ProMax Releases Premiere Pro/Bluefish444 SD Studio System

Reprinted from a ProMax press release:

PROMAX SYSTEMS, INC., the leader in turnkey desktop video editing systems, is proud to announce the release of its first turnkey, standard definition, uncompressed video editing system on the Windows platform. The new Premiere Pro/Bluefish444 SD Studio combines the best of breed in all categories. It includes Bluefish444 hardware, Adobe Premiere Pro software, and the alchemy of hardware and technical expertise from ProMax system engineers. With this ProMax has come up with a rocksolid SD (standard definition) 10-bit video editing solution for Windows. Turnkey system prices range from$8,500 for a P4/3.2 MHz SP system to $10,665 for a Dual Xeon 3.06 MHz system.

ProMax Systems, Inc., is well known throughout the video industry for providing turnkey video editing solutions that work right out of the box. Through hard work, research and years of hard-fought experience,ProMax has developed a reputation of providing excellent advice, quality product, and outstanding technical support for their systems.

“We feel strongly that the technologies have matured to the point that we are able to build an editing system that runs smoothly, is stable, and less demanding on the various components of the system,” points out Ethan Ede, PC Product Manager for ProMax Systems, Inc. “We don’t sell systems unless we’re confident they will work well in a production environment and provide a strong ROI for our customers. Now the Windows platform can perform effectively on that stage.”

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