Trace Affex Announces 8X DVD Duplicators

Reprinted from a Trace Affex press release:

Trace Affex ( announced today that it has introduced the “SUPRA” family of DVD/CD automated duplicators with the fastest DVD recorders available (currently 8X DVD +/- R/RW) that will be able to record CD-R/RW discs as well. Corporations will have the capability to generate professional quality DVDs/CDs in-house utilizing Desktop operations to meet Just-In-Time distribution requirements. The SUPRA product line is portable, lightweight with a small footprint, and requires no training to operate and automate job scheduling.

“Our SUPRA product line is ideal for entities in a wide range of markets to provide its customers and marketing and sales audiences with professional grade DVDs/CDs quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Chuck Huie, Trace Affex Chief Operating Officer. “Users will appreciate SUPRA’s high throughput, minimum maintenance, and high performance autoloader. The SUPRA duplicators eliminate the standard three-to-five day turnaround time required by outside vendors that dictate release times.”

The SUPRA’s new, advanced Zulu software makes operation simple and straightforward, plus connection is simple via the standard Firewire interface for the recorders. SUPRA products are configured with up to three recorders and have automated input/output capability for up to 150 discs. “Our new product family incorporates Trace Affex’s solid mechanics and workmanship that has been time-tested and critically-acclaimed worldwide,” concluded Huie.

Key market applications include medical, entertainment, educational, software publishing, printing, utilities, Government agencies including the military, and video as well as music publishers, graphics arts houses, publishing and advertising/public relations.

Pricing for the SUPRA family starts at an MSRP of $4028. First product shipments begin in June 2004.

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