Ulead to Bundle Sorenson Squeeze with MSP 7 and DVD Workshop 2

Reprinted from a Ulead press release:

Sorenson Media and Ulead Systems, Inc. today announced an agreement to bundle Sorenson Squeeze 3.5 Compression Suite for Windows with two of Ulead’s award-winning products Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7 and Ulead DVD Workshop 2. The Sorenson Squeeze 3.5 Compression Suite will enable Ulead’s digital content creators to easily encode and deliver video for Apple QuickTime, Macromedia Flash, RealNetworks RealMedia, Microsoft Windows Media MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 formats with advanced encoding options and superior results.

“We are pleased to include Sorenson Squeeze 3.5 Compression Suite as a companion to our digital video products,” said Travis White, video and DVD product manager, Ulead Systems. “We have always prided ourselves in the fact that we offer advanced digital editing and DVD authoring features without the complexity found in other applications. Sorenson Squeeze 3.5 Compression Suite fits into this vision and makes it possible for our customers to easily produce, edit, and now compress high-quality digital video for all popular formats, sizes, and bit rates.”

“This is an exciting collaboration that will streamline the video editing and video encoding processes,” said Randon Morford, Squeeze product manager at Sorenson Media. “The combination of Ulead’s digital editing product and DVD production software with the Sorenson Squeeze 3 Compression Suite will improve the overall workflow for Ulead customers by proving greater flexibility than ever to deliver manageable files.”

MediaStudio Pro 7 is a complete, digital video post-production suite for video professionals. It offers full-res realtime preview out to external monitors with multiple video layers, flexible layering, graphics tools. MediaStudio offers the most advanced MPEG-based editing performance on the market now including the new HDV and HDTV formats. The software’s comprehensive modular package includes video capture, editing, audio editing, video painting and powerful CG graphics, as well as basic DVD authoring.

For professional DVD authoring results, DVD Workshop 2 successfully marries pro-level DVD authoring features with a straightforward, design-oriented workflow that surpasses the competition in efficiency and flexibility. New levels of creativity can be realized right in the authoring environment with support for video and image compositing for menu design. DVD Workshop’s professional features include multiple subtitle and audio tracks, advanced playlist control and support for Digital Linear Tape (DLT) for replication as well as dual layer DVDs (DVD-9) for projects requiring double disc capacity.

The bundled version of Sorenson Squeeze 3.5 Compression Suite includes all of Sorenson Media’s professional codecs Sorenson Video 3 Pro, Sorenson Spark Pro, and Sorenson MPEG-4 Pro. With these professional video codecs and several popular third-party codecs, users can reduce their digital video to a fraction of its original size allowing more video to be stored on their local hard drives, DVDs, CDs, SVCDs, or other portable storage devices. Additionally, the smaller file sizes enable producers to more efficiently stream media across the Internet.

Sorenson Squeeze 3.5 Compression Suite also supports One-Pass and Two-Pass Variable Bit Rate (VBR) encoding and offers advanced features that professional multimedia producers demand and enthusiasts will appreciate. Intelligent presets automatically adjust the bit rate, frame rate, filter controls, and many other settings without requiring an extensive knowledge of the complexities of video encoding.

Pricing and Availability
MediaStudio Pro 7 with Sorenson Squeeze 3.5 Compression Suite for Windows is available for an MSRP of $549. DVD Workshop 2 with Sorenson Squeeze 3.5 Compression Suite for Windows is available for an MSRP of $599. Both bundles are offered via video resellers nationwide and through www.ulead.com.

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