Reprinted from a Pioneer press release:

Consumers who want to burn their own DVDs or CDs quickly, accurately and easily need look no further than the new 8X external DVD/CD writer introduced today by Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. The DVR-S706 can be connected to an existing computer through a firewire or USB port to enable DVD and CD burning. At 8X, a consumer can burn a DVD-R or +R disc in as little as 15 minutes. With Pioneer’s advanced precision recording technology, users are assured optimum recording performance, even if the blank disc is slightly irregular. Additionally, new quiet drive technology reduces operating noise and vibration, making the burning process practically silent.

The DVR-S706 is well suited for customers who want to burn movies, slideshows, data and music to DVD and don’t already have a DVD burner in their computer. It’s also a logical choice for someone with two or more computers and a desire to burn discs in multiple locations by easily disconnecting their drive and moving it to another computer location.

“With the popularity of DVD recording soaring, our customers are looking for an easy-to-connect external drive that combines the best of breed technology with more video-oriented applications,” said James Rowley, vice president of optical drives at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “We’re excited to offer industry leading technology to our customers who want to manage and share their growing collection of digital video and digital photos.”


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The Pioneer DVR-S706 offers many technological advancements; including:

  • New Quiet Drive Technology that reduces the drive’s operating noise by up to 15dB (75%) for quieter operation.
  • Pioneer-developed Liquid Crystal Control System for precise recording onto the surface of discs that may be warped or of uneven thickness.
  • Smart Laser Driver to provide a precise laser pulse control and achieve more reliable recording for high-speed writing.
  • Precision Recording Technology, which utilizes an auto-adjustable writing technique to enable recording under the best conditions for each disc characteristic at all times. This technology enables the drive to achieve optimal initial writing performance and helps to minimize the normal deterioration of re-recordable discs due to repeated writing. As a result, the quality for repeatedly used DVD-RW discs is up to 10 times better than previous writers.
  • A Defect Management System that enhances the writing reliability further, while maintaining read compatibility with other DVD-ROM drives, DVD players and DVD recorders.
  • An Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber that reduces vibrations that can affect performance during high-speed recording and playback of some discs. With this feature, the high precision servo system remains stable during both high-speed recording and playback.

    The DVR-S706 is compatible with the DVD Forum’s recording formats, DVD- R/DVD-RW as well as +R/+RW discs — a move that directly responds to consumers’ requests that DVD writers should handle various formats in order to simplify DVD creation. The new drive also records high-speed DVD-RW and +RW discs at up to 4x speed, and CD-R and CD-RW discs at up to 24x speed. Additionally, the drive can sit vertically or horizontally and plugs into standard IEEE 1394 (Firewire) and USB 2.0 ports.

    Pioneer also carefully selected a software package to bundle with the DVR- S706 that offers both novice and experienced users the ability to easily create professional-looking DVDs. Thanks to a partnership with Ulead, this drive allows customers an efficient way to transfer, browse, modify and distribute digital media. It allows users to create digital scrapbook pages on the computer with clip art, themed background pages and photo editing tools.

    The software bundle provided with the DVR-S706 includes the following programs:

  • Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 Disc Creator allows you to burn movies, slideshows, data and music to CD or DVD in an instant.
  • Ulead Video Studio 7SE allows first-time users to create professional-looking videos with ease.
  • Ulead Photo Explorer 8.0 provides an efficient way to transfer, browse, modify and distribute digital media.
  • Ulead My Scrapbook 2 offers everything the scrapbooker needs to create scrapbook pages, clip art and titles on the computer.
  • Ulead Burn.Now is easy to use disc recording software. Users can take full advantage of their CD/DVD burner to create data and audio discs plus copy discs.
  • Ulead DVD Player offers high compatibility and plays commercial DVDs and DVDs created by other Ulead products.
  • NovaBACKUP 7.1 prevents users from losing data. Virtually all businesses today rely heavily on computers and computer systems. Losing information on any of these systems could be potentially disastrous. NovaStor’s NovaBackup helps reduce these risks and puts both businesses and end users at ease. NovaBackup allows users the choice of a variety of different backup media, including DVDs and CDs. Its ease of use and advanced options makes it the perfect solution for any home user, small business or large corporation.

    The Pioneer DVR-S706 will be available in early May at a suggested retail price of $260.

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