Artbeats To Announce Ultra Collections at NAB Convention

Reprinted from an Artbeats press release:

Artbeats, an industry leader in royalty-free stock footage for film, video and multimedia professionals, today announced it would release its new Ultra collections at the 2004 National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB). Featuring captivating slow motion imagery, Artbeats’ Ultra collections offer an entirely new perspective to fire, water and motion, and provide some of the most unique royalty-free footage available at this year’s NAB. Artbeats will debut the Ultra collections and more than 40 other new royalty-free stock footage collections, many of which are available in High Definition (HD), at NAB 2004, booth number SL4105.

All of Artbeats’ new Ultra collections were shot using a specially configured NAC digital high-speed camera that enabled Artbeats to capture footage at 1,000 and 2,000 frames per second. The new Ultra collections include:

  • Ultra Fire: Witness ultra slow motion shots of red-hot, intense flames leaping towards the lens and engulfing the camera! Propane mortars, propane wands, hanging charges, ground explosions and fireworks are also part of this collection of 24 clips that are sure to ignite any production.
  • Ultra Motion: See ultra slow motion of autumn leaves falling, hummingbirds in flight, water cascading on flowers, salmon jumping during spawn, watermelons exploding and many more. This collection of 34 clips depicts a wide array of compelling images, ranging from the everyday to the truly unusual.
  • Ultra Water: Water like you’ve never seen it before! Experience a stunning array of ultra slow motion water effects, including flowing water, single drops, rain and fountains. This collection of 30 standard definition progressive clips is sure to captivate any viewer.

    “We are extremely grateful to NAC Image Technology and Clairmont Camera for the opportunity to shoot footage with this highly advanced camera,” said Phil Bates, president and founder of Artbeats. “The slow motion effects in all the new Ultra collections are incredibly beautiful and hypnotic to watch. We are particularly proud of these new collections, not only because the footage is exceptionally stunning, but also because Artbeats is the only royalty-free stock footage company offering this type of digitally captured high speed footage.”

    Artbeats is also releasing dozens of other new products at NAB 2004. A partial listing of new royalty-free titles includes: Big Island (Hawaii) Aerials, Canadian City Aerials, Canyon Textures, Caribbean Beaches, Creatures of Galapagos, Exotic Flowers, Family Scenarios, Forest Rays, Medical Montage collections, National Parks West, New England Scenes, Objects 360, Ocean Water Effects, Seascapes 2, Sports HD, Sports Metaphors HD, Suns and Moons, Tropical Sunsets, Underwater HD and Worship. For a detailed listing of Artbeats’ new releases and product descriptions visit the company’s Web site at

    Pricing and Availability
    All products in Artbeats’ extensive library are licensed royalty-free and offer an endless number of options for creative professionals seeking the perfect imagery for a variety of applications, including broadcast, film features, commercial, desktop video, game development and multimedia. Artbeats’ footage is available in D1 NTSC-720 x 486 or D1 PAL-720 x 576 resolutions and many releases are also available in HD-1920×1080. Pricing for Artbeats standard collections range from USD $229-$699 and HD collections range from USD $799-$899.

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