Reliant Digital Announces Duplication Suite

Reprinted from a Reliant Digital press release:

Reliant Digital today announced the release of its 8x DVD/CD Duplication Suite, which is available for the retail price of $2295.

The Reliant Digital Duplication Suite is a complete DVD/CD production package that includes: a duplicator (the Production Line 3-Target 8x DVD/CD Tower Duplicator), a disc printer (the newly released Bravo II Autoprinter) and a supply of blank media (50 Mitsui/MAM-A inkjet printable discs).

Priced well below the cost of most single-burner automated duplicators that are currently on the market, the Reliant Digital 8x Duplication Suite offers the least-expensive way to produce hundreds of high-quality discs per day.

The Production Line 3-Target Tower Duplicator is an easy-to-use, standalone device that duplicates DVDs at 8x burn speed (producing a minimum of 3 full DVDs every eight minutes) and CDs at 24x (producing a minimum of three full CDs every four minutes).

The Bravo II Autoprinter is 15% faster than the original Bravo, and produces extremely high-resolution inkjet-printed discs at 4800 dpi (currently the highest in the industry). Compatible with both PCs and Macs, the Bravo line is the most versatile disc printer available.

50 Mitsui (MAM-A) 4.7GB Inkjet-printable DVD-Rs, which are widely regarded as being among the highest quality DVD-Rs on the market, complete the Duplication Suite package.

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