Xdrive Launches Video Sharing Service

Reprinted from an Xdrive press release:

Xdrive (www.xdrive.com), the premiere provider of online data storage, announced today the launch of Version 2.0, a service that will deliver the power and convenience of digital videos to millions of consumers.

The Xdrive digital video service offers millions of digital camcorder owners, along with their friends and family, a convenient way to share digital home movies. Xdrive also provides its members access to secure online photo storage and the ability to create albums in an advertising-free environment.

“Before today, no other service offered a way for consumers to share their home movies,” said Brett O’Brien, president of Xdrive. “With high quality digital camcorders becoming more and more popular, Xdrive offers the missing link to providing friends and family with a way to view the home movies camcorder owners create.”

Xdrive is easy to use. The service allows members to upload digital video and photos and instantly share them with family and friends. No more trying to email huge files that won’t go through. Xdrive supports a variety of video formats: MPEGs, Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quicktime, DVDs, and more. Xdrive also supports music files.

Xdrive is secure. Once Xdrive members upload their digital videos to the site, they are stored in a private, secure, and advertising-free environment. Members’ content is password-protected and available only to those who are invited to view.

Xdrive is affordable. The service offers 500 megabytes for $9.95 per month. More space is available for an additional fee. Members who are invited to view videos and photo albums can do so at no cost to them.

Xdrive is a smart choice. The service can also permanently store all home movies and photos. Loss of computer data is common due to viruses, crashes, and theft. By using Xdrive, members can ensure that that all their precious moments are safe and secure.

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