in-sync Announces Loki SDI-equipped Hardware/Software Capture/Editing System

Reprinted from a in-sync press release:

In-sync announces the Loki Product line. Loki is a plug and play Real Time uncompressed SD-SDI board and software solution. The software for Loki is a new Speed Razor 5.6 version. Loki hardware is specifically designed for in-sync by AJA of Grass Valley, California.

The Loki bundle comes complete with:

  • Speed Razor 5.6 software
  • Loki uncompressed SD-SDI capture hardware
  • AES/EBU audio break out cables

    Loki Plays back 10 bit YUV, 8 bit YUV, you can mix and match color in real time on the same timeline. You can capture DV from 1394 and output to SDI. This means you can mix uncompressed graphics with DV footage and output to SDI in real time without DV artifacts!! Loki plays 23 Bit RGBA graphic files in RT and 24 bit stills as well. Loki is switch-able from NTSC to PAL and currently only handles NTSC drop frame or PAL.

    A Loki Certified system as built by in-sync and in-sync authorized resellers is ready to run, Blade, Loki, or HD3.0!!! This is a great opportunity to have a system that is ready for a simply plug and play field upgrade. Start in DV, move to uncompressed, move to Uncompressed HD/SD all in the same system!!!

    Loki plays back in real time files created on Matrox Digisuite, Targa 3000, Targa 2000, and Pinnacle Reeltime and a host of together legacy component cards in RT. This means a lot to people with existing professional capture cards. In the next few months, it will be very hard to find motherboards that run legacy capture cards. It will become increasingly difficult to find replacement PC parts for these machines or they will be extremely expensive. With Loki, people will have a very easy cost effective way to move up to uncompressed SDI.

    If you like zero latency, then you will adore editing with Loki. To further enhance the editing experience, a new diagnostic tool and a robust software installer. The Loki diagnostic tool measures system performance and reports drop frames in real time. This way, you can assure your system is running at full performance.

    Installation is extremely easy due to the development and tight integration of the board to the Windows XP operating system. The installer handles all plug in and driver installation so all you have to do is hit the “Next” button and you are done.

    Pricing and Availability
    Loki is shipping now and is available at an unheard of price of $3999 considering SDI is standard and not an option. There are also many cross grade paths for existing customers.

    Customers with other professional video capture hardware that is non in-sync supported may also benefit from a cross grade. More information on which cards are accepted is available from in-sync and in-sync authorized resellers.

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