nNovia Adds Features to QuickCapture A2D

Reprinted from an nNovia press release:

nNovia Inc., the innovative Silicon Valley OEM manufacturer of professional Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and other complimentary DV products, announced today that QuickCapture A2D, which was announced during the fall of 2003, is now shipping with enhanced features. QuickCapture A2D offers tapeless recording from analog or digital sources, IEEE 1394 connectivity with “edit- ready, render-free” AVI Type-2 material, and playback of source material in either analog or digital formats. QuickCapture A2D also is an analog/digital media converter, allowing source material in one format to be output in the other. It is available in 40-GB, 60-GB and 80-GB models, providing up to six hours of total recording time for NTSC or PAL material.

In addition to its already announced features, which include complete support for both SBP-2 and AV/C protocols, up to 99 “bins” for “organize as you acquire” convenience, and compatibility with both computer- based and standalone editing systems, QuickCapture A2D has been enhanced to provide even more flexibility and control for professional videographers using either analog or digital video sources.

The most significant upgrade is support for the MOV digital file format, which allows QuickCapture A2D to be integrated seamlessly into Apple Computer-based editing stations using Final Cut Pro software. With its new MOV support, QuickCapture A2D can be used with all of the most popular NLE systems available today.

QuickCapture A2D also supports finer playback control in a number of ways. Slow-motion playback is now available in both forward and reverse at speeds from 1/2X (half-speed) through 1/32X (less than 1 frame per second). An NTSC Brightness control has also been added to make it easier for users to view their content in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Finally, nNovia has improved their “bin” feature to include automatic mark insertion and better search capability. Marks are now inserted automatically at the start and end of every clip, while the user still retains the ability to add extra marks during the record process. Users can now move quickly from clip to clip and from mark to mark in both forward and reverse directions. “We work closely with our customers to develop the additional features they’ll find most useful,” stated Rob Caldeira, president of nNovia. “We’re very excited that so many of them are ready as we begin shipping QuickCapture A2D and we look forward to adding more capability in the future.” QuickCapture A2D is available for immediate delivery. Pricing begins at under $1400.

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