WorldTech Devices Announces Specialist Keyboard for Canopus EDIUS

Reprinted from a WorldTech Devices press release:

WorldTech Devices, Inc. announces the Specialist Keyboard for EDIUS software, the only Application Assist Keyboard developed specifically to interface with the EDIUS professional editing software program. The U.S. MSRP of the Specialist keyboard is $99.

The EDIUS keyboard, available in both black and off-white versions, is designed in partnership with Canopus Company, Ltd. WorldTech is privileged to be the first specialty keyboard manufacturer to work with Canopus. The keyboard includes more than 100 laser etched icons and text commands of EDIUS software. The keyboard also uses color keycaps to designate important EDIUS command categories.

The enhancements which comprise the EDIUS Specialist Keyboard are performed as an integral part of the manufacturing process (e.g., they are not aftermarket add-ons, like stickers or labels) and are therefore as durable as the keyboard itself.

Time-motion studies conducted by WorldTech Devices demonstrate that time savings from using the Specialist Keyboard range from 38% to 50%, averaging approximately 43%. Therefore, EDIUS software users could significantly reduce the time it takes to complete their projects by using the keyboard.

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