Safe Harbor Stocks WorldTech Devices’ Specialist Editing Keyboard

Reprinted from a Safe Harbor press release:

Safe Harbor Computers is pleased to announce a reseller partnership with WorldTech Devices of Aliso Viejo, California, makers of Specialist Keyboards for Ulead’s Media Studio Pro and Sonic Foundry’s Vegas 4.0. Developers at WorldTech Devices worked hand-in-hand with Ulead Systems and with Sonic Foundry personnel to design unique Specialist Keyboards, each of which leverages the shortcut commands of MediaStudio Pro and Vegas 4.0 software, respectively.

The Specialist Keyboard utilizes color keycaps to denote command categories to help users locate frequently-used keys, as well as textual and iconic etching on the keycaps to remind users of important functions. There is no doubt that the Specialist Keyboard will enable users to maximize the potential of their editing software and SAVE TIME.

WorldTech conducted time-motion studies to determine how much time computer users can save by using a combination of shortcut commands and the mouse, as opposed to using only the mouse. A scenario was repeated several times using both methods.

The Specialist Keyboard utilizes durable keyboard frames and components. Shortcut command and icon enhancements are laser etched onto the keycaps as an integral part of the manufacturing process; they are not after-market add-ons, like stickers or labels that may erode, over time. Finally, use of the keyboards are not limited to MediaStudio Pro or Vegas 4.0 software. The Specialist functions as a standard keyboard when used with other software applications, such as Microsoft Word.

The Ease of Purchasing

If you’re an editor using Media Studio Pro or Vegas 4.0, you will want to consider adding this new product to enhance your existing system. If you’re planning to purchase the editing software soon, add on the Specialty Keyboard then, for INSTANT increased productivity. Ordering from Safe Harbor is a simple task. Online ordering is available 24/7 from their award-winning, graphically advanced, and easy-to-navigate website:

Orders can also be placed personally by calling toll-free, 1-800-544-6599 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST.

The Specialist Keyboards for Media Studio Pro and for Vegas 4.0 will be shipping in September, 2003. There is some additional savings for students and educational institutions.

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