NewSoft Announces VideoWorks Platinum

Reprinted from a NewSoft press release:

NewSoft, a leading provider of innovative business and consumer software solutions, today announced the release of Presto! VideoWorks Platinum, a complete video editing and DVD authoring suite that now includes an IEEE 1394 Firewire (i.Link) card. Featuring Direct MPEGII, Presto! VideoWorks Platinum gives the user the ability to encode directly from a DV camcorder into MPEG II in real time. Using Direct MPEGII, users will no longer need to deal with large AVI files or have long waits while rendering or re-rendering. Presto! VideoWorks Platinum is now available with an MSRP of $84.95.

Using Presto! VideoWorks Platinum users can turn their computers into multimedia production stations for creating movies or slide shows with a menu, animated titles, zoom, text, and chroma effects. Users can delete unwanted scenes, combine separate video clips and even add transitions to make the change from one clip to the next appear more natural. Also included is Presto! DVD Composer, which allows users to transform memories into DVDs and VCDs to play on in a home theater.

“Digital Mini DV camcorders feature IEEE 1394 ports and have already surpassed VHS camcorders in total consumer camcorder sales. And with the included FireWire card, users now have the ability to capture footage directly from a digital still camera or a Mini DV camera directly into MPEG2,” said Johnson Yang, general manager of NewSoft. “We created Presto! VideoWorks Platinum with the end user in mind making it easy to use with the drag & drop function and by giving users the ability to add special effects and burn professional looking Video CDs and DVDs.”

Presto! DVD Composer can also be used as an independent software package that allows users to capture from footage from a DVD camcorder or digital camera. Once captured the content can then be styled to include background, menu, text and coloring. Once complete it can then be burned onto a DVD or VCD.

System Requirements
Presto! VideoWorks Platinum runs on Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP and requires Pentium lll 500 MHz (recommended 800 MHz) or higher, 64 MB of RAM and 150 MB available hard disk space.

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