Minnetonka Audio Software Announces SurCode for Dolby Digital Premiere Pro Plug-In

Reprinted from a Minnetonka Audio Software press release:

Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. announces the latest addition to the industry-leading SurCode professional software encoder product line — SurCode for Dolby Digital, a 5.1 surround Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoder plug-in built into the new Adobe Premiere Pro digital video editor. SurCode for Dolby Digital is included as a Trial Version encoder that is tightly integrated into the Adobe Premiere Pro Media Encoder. Now both MPEG-2 video and AC-3 surround (or stereo) audio can be encoded and multiplexed simultaneously within Adobe’s latest release of its flagship non-linear editor.

The release of Adobe Premiere Pro with SurCode for Dolby Digital enables video and audio editors to seamlessly access the full set of professional Dolby Digital encoder options. For the first time, 5.1 Dolby Digital for DVD authoring can be encoded directly within the surround mixing environment featured in Adobe Premiere Pro.

SurCode for Dolby Digital information and activation (only $295) is available at www.surcode.com.

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