Memorex Announces Dual-X Dual-Format DVD Burner

Reprinted from a Memorex press release:

Memorex offers consumers a total solution with the must-see drive of the year, the Memorex Dual Format DVD Recorder. Featuring a stylish color scheme, the most complete retail package inside and out, and installation that takes less time than watching a movie trailer, the new Memorex Dual-X drive brings the excitement of making DVD movies to a PC near you.

Memorex makes selecting the right DVD recording solution simple with a new retail kit that clearly communicates the benefits of DVD recording technology. The all-in-one package comes complete and ready for immediate use. It includes the new blockbuster drive, a complete software suite, an illustrated installation map, an easy-to-follow manual, blank DVD discs, an IDE ribbon cable, and a hardware set with audio cable and fastening screws.

“It’s not enough to offer a cutting edge drive that takes advantage of various CD and DVD disc formats. At Memorex, we believe it’s necessary to give consumers all the right tools they need for an easy and enjoyable DVD-recording experience,” said Mark Becknauld, product manager, optical and magnetic storage products. “Our Memorex Dual-X kit does just that by providing a complete and practical all-in-one solution rather than just one or two pieces of the puzzle.”

This complete kit is ready for installation as soon as you open the box. Installation of the Memorex dual drive takes less than five minutes, including the time it takes to open a PC’s outer case. The drive ships ready for installation so that users only need to slide in the drive, connect the IDE and power cables, and turn on the computer.

Taking it a step further in providing a complete and up-to-date solution, the Dual-X drive is designed to complement the new trend of sharper looking and more stylish PC designs by offering a unique black and silver color scheme. This new color scheme is designed to blend with today’s PC towers and desktops, no matter which make or model a consumer uses.

About the Memorex Dual-X DVD Recorder
Memorex takes the guesswork out of DVD recording with its Dual-X DVD Recorder, offering support for both DVD+ and DVD- recording formats. Consumers can create DVDs that are playable in virtually any DVD-ROM or DVD player, and take advantage of full CD recording, rewriting and reading functions. The drive delivers a total of eight recording and playback formats, and features a stylish new silver and black design, as well as new packaging, new documentation, a top of the line software bundle from Roxio, and toll-free technical support.

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