AVerMedia Ships DVD EZMaker USB 2.0

Reprinted from an AVerMedia press release:

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of digital multimedia video convergence technology, announced today the availability of the AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB 2.0, a revolutionary, palm-sized device that makes the conversion of home videos into CDs and DVDs a one-step process.

“Instead of watching precious memories fade on old videotapes, the AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB 2.0 makes it extremely easy to convert them into CDs and DVDs, which prevents picture quality from degrading over time,” stated Warren Chang, director of product application for AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. “Capture, create and record. It’s that simple.”

The inclusion of the neoDVDstandard DIGITAL SUITE software in the AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB 2.0 allows for basic and advanced video editing capabilities, including the ability to combine videos and photos, add audio or music tracks, cut, slice and stretch movie clips for the perfect combination of scenes, and the option to create a personalized background for the DVD menu page. Even the most inexperienced users can now add titles, transitional effects and background music, as well as import DV, AVI, QuickTime and MPEG files directly into video projects.

With a street price of just $89.99 the AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB 2.0 offers real-time DVD recording and burning of MPEG2 quality video, high resolution video capture (720×480), and re-editing of recorded DVDs. This innovative gadget works with both CD and DVD burners.

With the flexibility to burn videos onto CDs or DVDs, the AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB 2.0 makes it possible to transfer home movies onto videodiscs and watch them on DVD players. For convenience and flexibility, the innovative device is compatible with all DV, miniDV Camcorders, VHS/VCR and analog camcorders.

AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB 2.0 is available through retail, national distributors, and the company’s Web site at www.avermedia.com. For more information, call AVerMedia at 408/263-3828 or fax at 408/263-8132.

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