Aurora Video Systems Releases RT Extreme driver for IgniterX

Reprinted from a Aurora Video Systems press release:

Aurora Video Systems today announced the release of a new software driver that allows their IgniterX family of video capture and editing solutions to support Final Cut Pro 4’s RT Extreme engine, which produces render-free playback of effects in real time, as well as a virtually unlimited number of video streams.

“Our new driver allows editors to take full advantage of RT Extreme, one of the most significant additions to the latest Final Cut Pro release,” said Aurora Video Systems CTO Tim McMahon. “The combination of our driver with FCP 4 offers editors a new degree of flexibility and the ability to take advantage of the feature set of FCP 4, including support for up to seven real-time tracks, LiveType, perfect synchronization and true implementations of 24 fps film support, and editing of the offline RT, DV, uncompressed 8-bit and uncompressed 10-bit formats.”

“I am very excited about the addition of Cinema Tools to the FCP 4 application. This allows any film editor using FCP 4 to take advantage of the unique features of IgniterX’s true film capability,” said CEO Darryl Hock of Aurora Video Systems. “With our industry-unique 24 fps capability, with or without audio pull down and in both NTSC and PAL, the combination of IgniterX and FCP 4 is unrivaled”.

“Once again we are very pleased to add powerful new functionality to our product line at no additional cost to our end users,” stated Aurora Video Systems VP of Systems Engineering Mike Stroven. “With our dedicated Macintosh-exclusive engineering team, we are committed to broadening and extending our IgniterX product line to keep our loyal customer base happy.”

With the highest quality variable-compression-rate video capture and playback, Aurora’s IgniterX is the true companion card for Final Cut Pro. The IgniterX product line offers leading data rates and unparalleled compression ratios while retaining unmatched image quality when working offline. Full-screen effects can be applied in real time for both offline and online editing environments. Each card supports integrated I/Os for all digital and analog online formats, so there is no need for editors to invest in external converters that can degrade image quality.

Aurora Video Systems’ software driver is available now from the company’s Web site at: For more information about the IgniterX video capture cards, visit

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