Boris FX Releases Boris Title Toolkit Plug-In for Adobe After Effects

Reprinted from a Boris FX press release:

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, today announces the availability of the Boris Title Toolkit, a set of dynamic new plug-ins developed exclusively for Adobe After Effects. The Title Toolkit plug-ins create broadcast-quality, animatable titles directly in the native After Effects user interface. Boris Vector Text, Text Scrambler, Title Crawl and Vector Shape plug-ins let After Effects users experience a breadth of titling capabilities in a familiar environment for maximum quality, speed, and creativity. Video editors, graphics artists, and compositors can create, format and animate titles and vector graphic elements in 3D space with features like Text On a Path, Type On and Motion Blur. The Title Toolkit also provides a variety of parameters to randomize, jitter and scramble text characters and styles, build vector shapes that can link to text, create film-quality rolls and crawls, animate text fill, borders, and shadows and link to built-in After Effects or third-party parameters. Creating broadcast-quality titling in After Effects for film and television has never been easier.

“Boris Title Toolkit allows Adobe After Effects users to take advantage of the sophisticated and versatile titling capabilities we offer throughout the industry, says Boris FX founder and president Boris Yamnitsky. “The introduction of our new plug-ins provide a workspace for After Effects users to easily produce high-quality, animatable titles within the After Effects application.

Title Toolkit plug-ins include:

  • Vector Text–Create text with animatable borders, fill, softness, and shadows within the After Effects Controls and Timeline windows. You can then place text on a path, rotate and move it in 3D space, or animate text on or off the screen by character, by word, or by line.
  • Text Scrambler–Randomize or scramble text or text styles and animate fields of random text, numbers or styles including animating to and from random text and user defined text.
  • Title Crawl–Generate automated roll or crawl animation with built-in options for hard or soft masks. Maintain defined pixels per second speed. 3D rotation controls provide easy creation “Star Wars” type perspective effects
  • Vector Shape–Build shapes for text backdrops and vector graphic elements using a selection of preset shape primitives with multiple animatable parameters or use an After Effects mask to define the shape. Apply sophisticated border and shadow styles. Use an alternate layer as a texture map or video fill and rotate, position, and animate your shape in 3D space.

    For a limited time only, Boris FX is offering the Title Toolkit at the special introductory price of just $199 US until July 1, 2003. It will be regularly priced at $249 US. All the effects are fully compatible with After Effects 5.5 for Windows and Macintosh systems. The Boris Title Toolkit and a 14-day free Trial Version are now available through electronic download at

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