Gateway Ships First RAID-Equipped System

Reprinted from a Gateway press release:

In its latest move to deliver powerful computers optimized for digital media, Gateway, Inc. (NYSE: GTW) today introduces the Gateway 700XL, the first Gateway PC that uses RAID technology — two hard drives acting as one for faster performance when storing and accessing anything on the hard drive.

The new Gateway 700XL is the first PC utilizing the new Intel 875P-based system board featuring Intel RAID Technology and the option for two Serial ATA RAID-configured hard drives. With the new board, the Gateway 700XL incorporates several new technologies that contribute to improved overall performance, including support for 800MHz front side bus and dual channel DDR 3200 (400MHz) memory, as well as Intel’s new Performance Acceleration Technology, which optimizes access between the processor and memory. To handle multiple tasks at once, such as burning a music CD while playing an online game, the Gateway 700XL supports fast Intel Pentium 4 processors with Hyper-Threading technology.

“This is not your grandmother’s PC,” said John Engel, senior vice president and general manager, Desktop Products Group. “It’s one big, bad monster of a system for serious digital media enthusiasts. Fans of light word processing need not apply.”

The Gateway 700XL provides a higher level of storage performance thanks to Intel RAID technology — the industry’s first desktop RAID solution integrated directly into the system board’s chipset, the Intel 875P. With the RAID configuration, the hard drives — available initially in 160GB capacity — act together as one large hard drive for 320GB total capacity. The result is that files can be written to the two hard drives simultaneously, which delivers dramatically increased hard drive performance. The ability to configure systems with RAID support is exclusively offered on the newer, highly anticipated Serial ATA interface.

The blazing fast performance is great for digital video, music and photo enthusiasts who transfer, edit, and store large digital media files. Gamers, many of whom are competing across a broadband connection, will reach a new level of game play with improved responsiveness from the Gateway 700XL. Small businesses or sole practitioners such as graphic artists and designers can also benefit tremendously from the increased performance and storage boost the Gateway 700XL offers. Plus, the Gateway 700XL comes fully set-up and ready to go; a much more economical and hassle-free option than putting together an aftermarket solution.

“Intel is excited to see Gateway leading the industry with this new high-performance desktop platform,” said Randy Wilhelm, Vice President of Intel’s Desktop Platforms Group. “By taking full advantage of every performance feature of the Intel 875P chipset, including Serial ATA with Intel RAID Technology, the Gateway 700XL raises the performance standard for desktop PCs to a new level.”

The Gateway 700XL’s ample performance and expandability options make it a great investment. Adding additional functionality and external devices is easy with eight USB 2.0 ports (two in the front, and six in the back), integrated Intel 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, and five PCI slots. For an unprecedented digital media and gaming experience, the Gateway 700XL includes 8X AGP graphics for increased graphics bandwidth and improved performance for visually intense applications. It also features the latest graphics from ATI’s 128MB RADEON 9800G PRO AGP Graphics Accelerator with TV-out and DVI connector.

The Gateway 700XL PC with 400GB storage (two 200GB hard drives) will be available April 14 at a price of $3,499. Beginning April 25, the Gateway 700XL will support the option for fast RAID-configured 160GB Serial ATA hard drives for 320GB total capacity. The Gateway 700XL also features 1024MB 400MHz DDR SDRAM Memory and an 18-inch LCD Analog/Digital flat panel display. The Gateway 700XL includes the latest technology for creating, editing, and sharing digital media with IEEE 1394 FireWire, DVD and CD burners, and Movie Creator VCD/DVD software.

Also, the popular Gateway 700X with new features will be available beginning April 14 at prices starting at $1,999. Beginning April 25, the Gateway 700X can be upgraded to a RAID configuration with two 160GB SATA hard drives for 320GB total capacity.

More information about Gateway’s products and services is available by calling 800-221-9616, via the company’s web site at or at one of the Gateway stores nationwide.

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