Applied Magic Introduces ScreenPlay Plus Wedding Package

Reprinted from a Applied Magic press release:

Applied Magic is introducing a new ScreenPlay Wedding Edition which bundles the power and speed of its ScreenPlay Plus nonlinear editor with an assortment of Applied Magic’s most creative, potent and robust hardware and software accessories. Available today, the ScreenPlay Plus 120GB Wedding Edition sells for $4,395 MSRP.

Based in Carlsbad, Calif., Applied Magic, specializes in the development, licensing and marketing of powerful, intuitive, standalone video editors for professional video editors, wedding and event videographers, schools, corporate video producers and consumers.

“Wedding and event video editors use more special effects and complex, flamboyant video segments compared to news, documentary, corporate or education-focused editors,” said Aleta Walther, director of marketing and communications for Applied Magic. “Applied Magic is stepping up to the plate to provide wedding and event editors with a turnkey solution to meet their creative editing needs.”

In addition to the ScreenPlay Plus 120GB, the Wedding Edition comes with:

  • PC to ScreenPlay Image Transfer Kit
  • NeoType Titler
  • Pan & Zoom, Chroma Key, Page 3D tools
  • Luma Key & Rab-Byte Keyable Animations
  • Real-Time Lower Third Mattes
  • Digital Juice Motion Back, Wedding Volume 4
  • Presentation Creation Tutorial Video
  • ScreenPlay Tips & Tricks Video, Volumes 1 & 2

    “There are several features about this product that are particularly enticing to wedding and event video editors,” said Walther. “In particular the Pan & Zoom, A/B Roll for editing dual-camera shoots and the system’s ability to insert multiple transitions between separate clips simultaneously.”

    For more information on Applied Magic, or any of its editing appliances and accessories, contact your local Applied Magic dealer. To find a dealer in your area, or for more information on Applied Magic’s line of products, go to or call Applied Magic toll-free at (888) 624-4255.

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