muvee Technologies Unveils muvee autoProducer DVD Edition

Reprinted from a muvee Technologies press release:

muvee Technologies, the pioneer in smart automatic video production, unveils muvee autoProducer DVD Edition, introducing MPEG-2 input and output into its flagship product. This new element enables users to save their muvee productions as DVD-ready MPEG-2 files for subsequent DVD authoring, giving them the added benefit of preserving the quality of their creations. In addition, muvee autoProducer DVD Edition features the ability to accept raw video input in MPEG-2 format and a totally new MPEG-1 codec for better quality video CD (VCD) production. muvee autoProducer DVD Edition also sports a brand-new brushed aluminum interface.

Founder and CEO of muvee Technologies, Dr. Pete Kellock, said, “muvee has redefined the video landscape, radically simplifying the creation process and making it hundreds or even thousands of times faster than other approaches to video editing. With the introduction of muvee autoProducer DVD Edition, we have taken yet another step towards streamlining the whole process by bringing together all the pieces to provide a seamless end-to-end path from capture to high quality delivery in the DVD format.”

In addition to printing back to DV tape and saving in AVI or VCD MPEG-1 formats, muvee autoProducer DVD Edition now lets users save their finished productions as DVD-ready MPEG-2 files, which can be played back on a PC, or dropped into any external DVD-authoring program to be authored onto DVD-/+R or DVD-/+RW media. muvee autoProducer DVD Edition also supports SVCD-ready MPEG-2 formats, giving users the added flexibility of writing their MPEG-2 content — without any loss of quality — onto low-cost CD-R/RW media that can also be played back on most consumer DVD players.

Dr. Kellock added, “We are the first in smart automatic video production and muvee autoProducer has been on the market for over a year. Creating compelling video was a tedious process crying out for a radical new solution and, by listening intently to our customers’ needs and breaking out of the straightjacket of traditional approaches, we were able to deliver such a solution. The response from both consumers and video professionals has exceeded all our expectations and this latest advance reinforces our position as the company blazing the trail to mass-market video production.”

muvee autoProducer DVD Edition retails at US$59.95 (Home User license) and is now available in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese as a direct software download from muvee Technologies’ website at Existing registered users who have earlier licensed versions of muvee autoProducer can purchase the DVD Edition upgrade for US$19.95, and this will also be available only via direct software download from the company’s website.

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